Specs for the LG Optimus Pad LTE

    LG Optimus Pad LTE

    • Operating System: Android 3.2 Honeycomb
    • Memory: User 32GB (Micro SD up to 32GB)
    • Size: 245 x 151.4 x 9.34 mm
    • Weight: 497 g
    • Display: 8.9-inch IPS True HD Display
    • Resolution: 1280 x 768
    • Camera: 8MP (Rear) / 2MP (Front)
    • Processor: Qualcomm 1.5GHz Dual-Core / Dual Channel Processor
    • Battery: 6,800mAh
    • Others: HDMI, DLNA 
    There are 9 comments

    jcastag says:

    Why are handsets and tablets still being released with anything other than ics?

    Carriers and manufacturers hold these operating systems on purpose. I think just to piss us consumers off. ICS has been out for months now. WTF???

    xemtra says:

    no ICS? put me to sleep already. the ONLY one doing it right at this point is ASUS.

    tim242 says:

    ICS has not been out for months. Google just released source in December. These devices just announced have been in development long before December. At least pretend you're not tech ignorant.

    88 FLUX says:

    Fellow commenters, you clearly don't know or understand the level of production that goes into these devices. New devices go through many months, if not years of production between development, testing, manufacturing, etc. This tablet was undoubtedly finished before or close to the release of ICS. They don't wake up and say "oh, I'll release a new tablet tomorrow." Whether you realize it or not, tomorrow's tech already exists. Us consumers just don't know about it yet.

    Jayshmay says:

    @ ock: These manufacturers knew about ICS, and they knew the date Google was going to announce ICS, it could gave been included in the product planning.

    88 FLUX says:

    As already mentioned, you clearly do not know or understand the level of production that goes into making devices such as these.

    Dinoelaine says:

    a really nice review you' ve done

    silverghozt says:

    needs MORE storage. 32 + 32 just doesn't cut it. Android OEMs get a clue. Why don't you try beating the iPad for once?