LG Optimus 2X

The LG Optimus 2X was the first smartphone to be announced with a dual-core Tegra 2 processor, and it's also the first to market, going on sale today in Korea. You can have it right now in any color you want, so long as it's black, but a white version is coming in February.

I think we can speak for all of us here (which is why we use the royal "we" in the first place) when we say we're hoping beyond hope that LG brings this guy to the United States. Soon. [ITToday.co.kr via @visitken]


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LG Optimus 2X now on sale in Korea, coming soon in white


I love how every comment on here is about the Korean girls, nothing about the first dual core android phone ever running what is most likely the most powerful graphics processor ever and with a hell of a screen. Yeah forget the tech junk, the Korean girls are better! I agree with LG: "The power of two." Because I want both of them. :-)

The chick in the red has a way short drees on , ha yup thats my pick to bad the table is blocking the other chick some , someone should have move that dam table ha or panned out with the camers more

Not even close, more like 25.

Typical stupid comment about Asian girls. Truth is they are the most beautiful and feminine girls on the planet. I'll take an Asian girl over any other any day of the week, probably why I married a Japanese girl.

As a female, I take offense to these lewd comments. Just kidding, I'm male and I like both the phones and the girls. It's those damn faces, guys...something about staring into dark, engrossing, sharp eyes combined with the little noses and lips. Oh, and that hair; it's always so fine and perfect. As for the phone, I'd love to see it stateside as well..though since I'm on AT&T, the Atrix is looking pretty good too.

Thank GOD Android Central added a captcha to complete when the spam filter incorrectly (85-95% of the time) thinks our comments are spam! Now we can still post if we just fill out the little captcha! Thanks Phil, Jerry and the others! :-D

Nice looking devices but I definitely look foward to the reviews to see what they are really capable of and what battey life is like.

i'm with you there...I would like to see their capabilities and life span and hoping this coming to the States sooner rather than later

I would take the one in the red, problem?! Well she looks like she has a freakin Task killer on her device... grrrr :| I could maybe inform her of her mistake over say... dinner? xD

The red is smokin. But I definately wouldnt say no to the black one either.

Question though on the phone conversation... Anyone know what Launcher LG is using? I am looking at the pictures and I am not sure if it is an example of a Photoshop fail or if LG's is just extremely similar to Samsungs...it looks like TouchWiz on those LG phones..