LG optimus 2x

The LG Optimus 2X is proving to be quite the treat for those who love to root and customize their phones, and the release of MCR (MoDaCo Custom ROM) for the device makes things that much better.  For those not familiar with Paul O'Brien's work, MCR is a ROM that appears stock, but everything behind the scenes is tweaked.  Paul has quite the knack for finding a sweet spot between speed and stability, and all versions of MCR (most devices that are capable get the treatment) have a large fanbase.

MCR for the 2X brings a custom kernel with EXT 4 support, Superuser Whitelist and current SU binary from ChainsDD, and is flashable from ClockworkMod recovery for easy installation.  There's also a custom kitchen for downloading available for paid members of Paul's website. 

Thanks for the hard work Paul, here's hoping you can get the T-Mobile version in your hands when it's released.  [MoDaCo]


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LG Optimus 2X hacking continues, MCR now available


Just because hes english doesnt mean he wont get the phone, if someones kind enough to send him one im sure he wont mind porting the current ROM to the G2X :)