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As it's being sold primarily by Google through the Play devices store, it's easy (and accurate) to think of the Nexus 4 as a Google device. But it's still an LG-made phone, and as such qualifies for 50GB of free space on, thanks to a partnership between manufacturer and cloud storage provider.

To claim your free space, simply log into the app from your Nexus 4, and upon loading the app for the first time, you should see the message above, informing you that your cloud storage allowance has been upped. And as part of a time-limited deal, Box is also allowing you to share your good fortune with friends or co-workers, giving them access to 50GB too.

The promotion runs until Dec. 31, so you've got plenty of time to bag some extra bits, and free up some of the Nexus 4's precious (and limited) internal storage space. Check the Google Play link above to grab the official app for Android.

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LG Nexus 4 qualifies for 50GB free cloud storage


European deal or US. having 50 Gb is of no use.
you cant upload file greater than 100 mb. if you have to download files it has to be downloaded one at a time. No desktop app to sync files.
I got 50 Gb with Hp touchpad and found it hard to use. then i stopped using it.

Came here to write exactly this; except that there IS a desktop app to sync files. But that's cr@p as hell. Takes ages to even scan file changes and then actual sync starts. Even if there is no change at all, keeps scanning 13% 14% .... for hours. Total BS.

I already had 50gb from a previous promotion. I logged in and didn't get any notification - assume this means you can't "double up" on these promotions.

No problem - I really don't need 100 gb of cloud storage anyway!

Anyone with a Nexus 4 that wants to "share your good fortune" with me? :)

If so, please contact me by clicking my user name on this post and clicking contact. I'd love to get a Box account with 50gb!

When Box first came out they promoted 50 GB with a new account, so I wonder if they will add another 50 GB:) I can dream right

I just asked a friend of mine to try the share feature and it won't work with gmail accounts....only corporate email addresses. :-(

Yeah..Box needs to take out the "Friends" from invite "Friends & Co-workers for a free 50gb. It's strictly for Companies only for now.

NO you can not "stack" promotions to get 100gb

There is also a DESKTOP Sync app just search it SYNC after you login.

Who really uploads anything greater then 10mb anyway? 100mb limit I can live with.

LG,Sony,Playbook,TouchPad(that's how i got my free 50gb)is all up for the promo also. Check out the Link for more info on the devices.

Here's there FAQ Promotion page

I signed up after seeing the article and so far everything is cake. Just uploaded and downloaded about 600 files, pictures and videos without any hiccups.

Thanks Box, Alex and AC for everything.

I got 50GB awhile back and it's crippleware. You can't download more than one file at a time and you can't batch downloads which makes it virtually useless for my purposes.