Today is the official launch day of the LG G3 on AT&T, and buyers can now pick up LG's latest handset for $199.99 up front on a standard two-year plan, or for $24.17 per month through an 18-month AT&T Next deal. Alternatively an off-contract AT&T LG G3 will set you back $579.99. If you pick up an LG G Watch at the same time, AT&T will knock 50 percent off the price of the wearable.

Meanwhile Sprint has today begun taking LG G3 pre-orders, and like AT&T it'll charge you $199.99 on a two-year plan for the phone. Sprint also offers the G3 through Easy Pay for $25 per month, or upfront for $599.99. Sprint's G3 is expected to start making its way out to customers from July 18.

Color-wise, AT&T has the G3 in black and white, while Sprint has black and gold, the latter being an carrier exclusive. Next up is Verizon with a G3 launch on that carrier slated for July 17.

Anyone in the U.S. picking up an LG G3 today? Be sure to check out our review, and sound off in the comments!

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LG G3 launches on AT&T, Sprint begins taking pre-orders


I just got my third replacement g2. This phone has had more problems than any other I've had. Maybe time to go back to HTC.

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I've had absolutely no problems with mine whatsoever. Like someone else said, you must be getting refurbs.

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My G2 has been excellent. Occasional SW glitch, sure, but nothing bad.

And its so fast. I find I have a hard time using my N7 (2012) because its so slow compared to the G2.

Posted via Android Central App using an LG G2.

I got my G3 because I have friends with the G2 that speak very highly of them. They have had no issues. I think you just have bad luck. I picked up my G3 yesterday along with the watch. Seriously one of the best phones I have ever owned.

So you're not going to bring up how nothing beats Samsung and T-MO plain and simple?

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He doesn't have to. He's a man that knows a good thing when he sees it.

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so conflicted with buying this. on the one hand the specs are awesome. on the other hand, i'm still very happy with my nexus 5

I agree one you go note with the big screen and imo smoothest performance it's hard to even try any other phones. I trued free s5 recently so much lag I couldn't believe it. My note 3 has always been smooth as butter. Can't wait fire the note 4.

Lgs ui is ugly and also I'm an amoled fan

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I.still like amoled better then LCD. Viewing angles are better. G3 angles are bad and I still hate lgs ui

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How's it in direct sunlight? I've heard some bad things, which is one of the few reasons I'm doubtful...but I'm probably heading to AT&T tomorrow to get the G3 anyways. My verizon contract is up today!

lol good job on leaving Verizon, their G3 is ugly as sin

Posted via my A0002, M9, XT912, N910, G906, D6653, D870, or D900

Brighter in direct sunlight than my LG OG and that was at least usable. I just get concerned with overall heat which is why I went with white.

I'm waiting for the note 4. Can't see myself spending almost $600 on last year's processor (SD801). 2k display sounds good, but most reviewers say that you can't really tell the difference between 1080p and 2k. LG rushed this project, they should have waited and put a SD805 in this bad boy...

Posted via My Galaxy S5...

The 801 isn't last years processor. Every Android flagship in 2014 has the 801. The 805 barely outperforms the 801. The difference is small.

Think about this. If you plan on getting a 2k TV in the near future. Then with this phone and the new Chromecast mirror capabilities you can get 2k mirroring

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Just ordered mine for pick up at the Sprint store. I hope they have it!!!! I'm not complaining if they are available early.

I just ordered the metallic black G3 from best buy for $99, got a free $50 gift card, and already got a confirmation message that it's ready to be picked up!

It doesn't out of the box, the At&t G3 battery cover only has 2 contacts which is used for NFC. The At&t G3 has all 4 contacts on the device itself. All you will need to do is replace the At&t battery cover with the back cover of the D855 European model of the G3, since that back cover has all 4 contacts.

Still love my s4,nothing so great to get me to drop 600$ on a new device that doesn't have much new to offer
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Plan on picking one up at lunch. Bummed AT&T won't have the gold. Normally, I find gold garish but the "champagne" approach looks very nice (imo). AT&T is also stocking only the 32GB I believe.

Nobody cares about gold. Sprint, stupid like usual shoulda offered white as well... Sprint behind the other carriers.
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Got it yesterday, set it up last night and checking out today. Bought on ATT no commitment. The first impression was a nice huge screen and it was much lighter than I expected which is good! The amount of bloat put on by ATT and LG is nuts. What are they smoking? I disabled 20 apps that say ATT or I know I will not use. Sheesh, give it a break!

how much storage space is remaining on the ATT version before you disabled/deleted ATT crapola? I plan on picking one up during lunch or after work. What phone were you using before? I have a Z2 with a cracked screen but I've been kinda drooling over this G3.

There was right at 24 GB left. Compared with 26.5 with my Nexus 5 and 24.5 with my Moto x.

Sent from my seriously HD G3!

Thanks for the info! I'm still gonna get it. I have about 6gb left on my Z2 so I should be fine. Is there any lag?

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Using a moto x and nexus 5, both 32GB right now. The only lag is when going to and from app drawer. It is pretty smooth. Pretty sure it is how the skin is designed versus actual lag. I think it is about the same size as the z2 but lighter. Trying to get used to it in one hand as the nexus 5 seems like the sweet spot for me. I owned a note and note 2 before I gave up on them because they kept getting larger.
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I have a little under a year left with my contact left. I recently picked up a G2 for a great price and am very happy with my decision. Let's see what next year's iterations have in store for us.

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Gonna swing by today and pick one up off contract. Sell my white N4 so should only cost about $400 after all is said and done. Not bad.

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Anyone else bought this from AT&T today? I just got home with mine and I'm very upset to see that Visual Voicemail is NOT supported yet. Spent an hour on the phone with customer service and they could not get it to work - they all but admitted they were not ready for this launch. (BTW, local AT&T stores near me also don't even have the Quick Circle folio case yet...)

Beautiful phone, though...

You sideload visual voicemail and it will work search for xda grab the one for nexus 5

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No rooting needed. Just download the app from the play store if you have had it before under the all tab of your apps. If you have not had it get the apk from a search and side load it. Just check unknown sources in the security section of the settings.

It is working fine on my ATT G3.

Am I the only one who really likes the stock lock screen? :) I got mine today. You know you are a true geek when the idea of spending a Friday night setting up your new phone sounds relaxing.

Am pleased with the lock screen as well. Haven't really poked around but it looks customizable. Quick access is nice as well. Holding onto my N4 and will sell it when the N6 comes out. Great phone though. Concerned about updates coming from a Nexus. But this is relatively light as far as a non stock phone goes.

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