LG G3 leak

Another day, another LG G3 leak. This time a photo of three different colored phones together, obtained by the folks at PhoneArena. And like previous leaks it shows off the brushed effect finish on the back of a black and white phone and we see the top of the previously leaked gold version.

The tipster who sent the photo also claimed that the back cover is plastic and removable, and that the G3 has a 5.5-inch display. Both are consistent with previous leaks but both still remain rumors until we see the final product. And there's absolutely nothing to say that a removable back means a removable battery, or that either of those would apply to models we would see in Europe and North America.

The LG G3 will be unveiled officially at an event in London, New York and San Francisco on May 27 and we'll be on the ground bringing you every little thing you need to know.

Source: PhoneArena


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The LG G3 isn't camera shy, shows up in more leaked images


Black looks good. Hope it's a sealed battery. Removable batteries are so 2000. And keep it plastic for qi charging.

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Your opinion but for those who choose to have multiple batteries this would be a deal breaker. And batteries do go bad so......

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I'm pretty sure if you are a guy who buys a phone when the current one breaks, you should mind the screen more than the battery. I mean I've never heard somebody get a phone because of an old battery, but definitely someone with a broken screen. Plus if it has a crazy battery it will still last you a day after 2-3 years, and that's enough.

Why doesn't anyone ever think of resale value. I would never buy a used phone that does not have a replaceable battery.

The hankering for sd cards and especially removable batteries does seem a little quaint.

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I think your comment is quaint. You guys just don't get it with the SD card thing. There are those of us who need SD cards and those who don't. Companies who choose to remove those features limit to who they sell too. Just because you never go anywhere and do not need that much memory doesn't mean the next guy has the same needs.

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I would never get a device without an micro SD card slot. The removable battery I can work with, but I prefer one I can replace/upgrade myself.

As for this particular device: it looks rather slickery to me. But that's what cases are for right?

Just get an external battery, unless you are on the move 24/7 you shouldn't need multiple batteries.

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I don't like the idea of carrying around exposed lithium battery.

A phone with fast charging technology is infinitely more useful than removable battery.

If you own a G2 you know that you don't need to carry an extra battery. That's for phones that don't come with good battery life.

Yes.. The G2 has some of the better batterylife stats among 5" 1080P devices.
But what you are MISSING is, this is a 5.5" device.. with a Superior 1440P Screen compared to your older G2..
There is a different dynamic at work here with the G3.

no my Note 3 has great battery life, but the extra battery comes in handy sometimes when I forget to charge it.

I hate to burst your bubble, but it WILL have a removable battery. And contrary to belief, the wireless world is NOT ready for sealed batteries. Even though Li-Ion batteries don't develop memory like the Ni-Cad batteries did, Li-Ion batteries lose their inherent ability to keep a robust charge like they did out of the box.

Proof? My Galaxy S4, purchased July 2013, can hardly make it a day with light to moderate usage, whereas when it was brand new, I could use it heavily and come home at the end of the day with 40-50% remaining. I was forced into buying a Mophie Juice Pack for it. It's cheaper than a new phone... A lot cheaper.

This may be a Samsung problem more than anything else. I've been working for Sprint for about two years now, and last year, battery life issues on the S2 were a bit of an epidemic. This year I'm noticing S3 users reporting many of the same problems. I'm not trying to say that battery issues only happen to Samsungs, but they seem to be happening to Samsungs at a much higher rate than any other phone. My S3 (which my wife is using until the S5 becomes available for SWAC accounts), at less than two years old, is now on it's third battery. The HTC Desire I had before it? Still on the factory battery.
Does the sealed battery in my G2 make me a bit nervous? Yes, just a bit. Time will tell if I run into the same kinds of problems on the LG. But based on my own personal experiences, and my experiences as a Sprint rep, I do not recommend Samsung phones for this reason.

Never had a problem with my S3 battery. Granted my phone is almost 2 years old now so it doesn't last as long as it did when I first got it. ANY LiOn battery (regardless of manufacturer) is going to lose some strength during this amount of time.
I just love when carrier Cust Svc reps give people false information.... But then we see this with EVERY carrier. :/

He didn't like what you had to say, so he deemed it false. Amazing, huh? That is the state of commenters on the internet now-a-days.

The silver looks kinda cheap and very silver spray paint finish, hopefully the G3 in real life is better looking than this photo.

I take it that the gold one is right side up. If this is the case, then that gold piece in the middle looks to be a secondary speaker on the bottom bezel.

Aww, I like the silver one. For some reason, that kind of silver mirror finish is my favorite thing. I wish my Hummer was like that.

The back of this phone is just hideous I am sorry I was hoping for something to finally pull me away from the note line but I just can't get with the back of this phone. The front is to die for though. I shall call it.....two face.

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Definitely better than the crap faux leather. Might as well have put alligator skin on it lol

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I'm curious what phone do you have? Never mind your avatar pic tells me everything I need to know. Nice comment. Lol
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Bad pictures........looks too shiny. If this is the phone that will yield the last of the Nexus series.........I'm really looking forward to the Nexus 6. Both will be awesome devices.

10-4, same pic on the social venues.......doesn't distract from the awesomeness of the phone to be.

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That's OK 1+ cyanogen will carry the torch plus some for nexus devices.

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Prior to the IPhone, I never knew of a portable device that didn't have an accessible battery. I consider embedded non-accessible/expandable memory & batteries to be a design flaw!

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Ipod is a portable device and years before the iPhone. There was a YouTube video of a customer being told by Apple it would cost a few hundred dollars to replace the battery after it died lol

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At this point resigned to putting a case on all my phones; wanted to avoid it on my N5 but was concentrating too much on not dropping it, and I have better things to fill my meager mind with. A case imparts a much more confident feeling for me....

I haven't bothered with a case for my n5 as it already feels a little ruggedized. I've dropped it a ton of times

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+1 Personally, I refuse to pay $30-$50 for an Otterbox, I paid just under $20 for the DualTek case on my S4, from Amazon.

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I hope the form factor not any bigger than the g2, g2 size is perfect for me, I love big screen at the same time want small form factor too,

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I can't possibly see them fitting a 5.5 inch screen in this form factor. The G2 is already edge to edge when it comes to the screen...

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You should expect the G3 to be slightly bigger, even with edge to edge screen and a small top and bottom bezel.

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It will be slightly bigger probably about the same size as an s5 or m8 but with the 5.5"display .

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M8 is stupidly tall nearly the tall as the note 2 I had but the note had bigger screen, I had a choice to get the m8 or g2, I went with the g2 because bigger screen in a small form factor

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+1 was too too tall for me with that speaker and black bar at the bottom.
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There is no way this will not be bigger. It is physically impossible. It is too bad that LG, a company that actually seems to understand small bezels unlike the current phones from HTC and Samsung, will still manage to have a too big phone because they insist on giving it a phablet sized display.

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Beautiful form factor. LG is killing it in the bezel department. They get it. Sammy took a little step back with the S5 for some reason. Excellent design LG.

I like the gold one not cos apple has gold iPhone but because I like gold lol and that looks cool

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When it is finally official and has a plastic back, non removable battery, and no SD card (at least here in the US) everybody is going to go nuts bitching about the phone.

I for one hope the back is close to the Flex and could really care less about the rest. But I would use the a SD for pictures, but also not a deal breaker.

Oh by the way in waiting for the G4 next year while I keep rocking the G2.

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Yep I don't care if it has a removable back or SD card as long as it has 32gb internal and I do hope it has the same back as the flex. From the pics so far the phone looks nice. Love my G2 but every pic I see of this phone is pushing me to either sell it or pass it over to my kid and upgrade to this.

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I still think HTC was worse with the leaks, unless some kids can get a hold of this and put up a video too lol

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Yes I would have to agree I do believe I may have to get this. Also if it does have a removable back sdcard slot and removable battery I will definitely have to get it. Both of my current phones have removable batteries and micro sd card slots and they are very useful features. I store nandroid backups pictures and HD videos on my 64gig sd card and I still find myself in situations where I need to change my battery out. A fresh battery is way better than carrying around an external brick with a wire connected to my phone. I like the freedom to use my device as heavily as I want with no worries at all about it dying.

Hope they keep the removable battery and sdcard. I pass my old phones to my kids so the phones need to last 4-5 years and the original battery is not going to go that long. I also have a 128GB sdcard in my S3 which is full of movies, television shows and music. I commute an hour each way by bus for work so I go through a lot of media and I prefer to not have my battery get drained by streaming it all or have to worry about getting throttled because I am using 10+GB of mobile data a month. (See, there are legitimate reasons to need these features! It isn't "so 2000" of me.)

Get the S5 or Note 3 if battery isnt removable
Also, if you give your old phones to kids, how often do you upgrade? Because if you are upgrading every year you wouldnt need a phone to last 4-5 years because you would always be giving your kids your old phone lol

I Think it looks good, need to see the 2k screen on tho..the much bigger form factor, non removable battery, no sd card expansion and the fact the back looks slippery is the only real turn offs for me.. the rubberish pleather on the galaxy s5 is hard to wanna cover once you feel it..then feel any glossy plastic one..feels much better during use and more tactile than metal casings.

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Except it won't have a"much bigger" Form factor it will be the size of an s5 but with a 5.5" display the s5 has huge bezels so it's not hard to believe also it may have a removable back and SD card and you don't know how it will feel in the hand so all the things that are bothering you about the phone can be put to rest.

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This phone looks beautiful I think. If the software is not as cheesy as the G2 then I might buy this phone unlocked.

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Looks relatively thick based on the gold version seen at the top of the photo? Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.
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I think this will be a great option for my next phone when I upgrade in April 2015. I honestly can't wait to return to Android from BlackBerry 10. :D I used to have a nexus s a few years ago that ran Gingerbread and up to Jelly Bean 4.1. I really miss Android to be honest. Sadly, I have a Blackberry Z10. :/ I want to get rid of it right now. ><

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my main issue is that will updates come in a timely manner meaning only 3 or 4 months tops not 5 or above? So far i'm not convinced i should get any LG's phones even the flagship phones from them.

The G2 is the definitive Android device, so I see no reason that trend won't continue with the G3.

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If it's water proof ip67 then it's going to replace my note 3. It looks nice big phones are they way to go.

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I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but has anybody else noticed that in all of the leaked photos of this phone, there is a little black dot in the center of the lock button? I suspect that it is either an IR blaster or a microphone. I think the hole at the top is likely a microphone. This means that the black bit next to the camera is not an IR blaster, which means that rumors of some all-new sensor may be true. Also, in all of the leaked cases we've seen, not a single one has covered the buttons. I know that this was common with G2 cases as well, but I wonder if it means that the buttons serve some alternate purpose. Just my two cents.

As long as the back panel doesn't creak like the G2 did. I've had 2 white G2's and both have creaky back panel. Apart from that a wonderful phone.

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Of course as soon as I read this I picked my LG G2 up and tried to make it creak LOL. I have a black one and the back is solid. There is no noise and no give. I wonder if it is a issue with white ones only?

To me the backs in the photo look cheap and slippery, though not as terrible as on my VZW G2. But a case is a must for protection anyway. I almost didn't get the G2 in 11/13 because of the NON-removable battery. My battery is noticeably weaker but still quite sufficient. I believe a VZW store can replace the battery in a G2, though I'm not certain. If the G3 is the same way it's not so bad.