Anyone packing an LG G3 should check their device for an update which includes Wi-Fi calling functionality. This will allow unlimited domestic calling and messaging. In a couple of weeks, it will include international calling too. This feature has been rolling out to a ton of phones lately, including the LG G Flex, HTC One M8, Galaxy S5, and others.

The update is rolling out over the next couple of weeks. How many of you guys have already installed the Wi-Fi calling update to the LG G3? How many of you are on Sprint and already using Wi-Fi calling? Is it important to have, given your local cellular coverage?

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LG G3 getting Wi-Fi calling on Sprint


Mine came out of the box friday with ZV4 and wifi calling enabled. I use it everyday at work as i have no signal in my office.

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Perhaps this update is to make it more seamless. I've noticed that it alerts (ie annoys) me with a notification when I'm not in a registered wifi network's range, so I leave it off most the of the time.

Hopefully this update will allow us to do a "Prefer WiFi calling" and fallback to cell towers when not in range.

I surmise this from the "Easy setup" bullet on the source link.

It's a good feature for us Sprint users, but I use GrooVe IP with my Google Voice number.

Which means I have had Wifi Calling for two years already on my Sprint lines.

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Mine came out the box too and I love it as soon as my wife gets a phone that does WiFi calling I'll dump this airwave

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Yeah mine came with WIFI calling enabled as well (As far as I can tell, I don't use it - But its in the options).. ZV4 just like above poster.

Probably the only feature I miss as a Nexus owner... Probably not available on GPE devices either huh? Does Tmo's Wi-Fi calling app have the same limitations?

Yeah...I'm wondering if we will even get this update now with the G3 out. But it comes out of the box with WiFi calling already installed, so this article makes me confused.

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I got my G2 the first day it was available, and I won't be eligible for an upgrade until a year from now - I think Sprint would do well to roll the feature out for G2 owners as we're not really the prime targets for the G3. (on the other hand, perhaps next year will bring a G4 with more whizbang bells and whistles). Then again, I had a Moto Photon that never got a *promised* upgrade, so I've learned to not bother holding my breath.

I'm on the old sprint plan with unlimited data and 1500 min. Does wifi calling use my mins?

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I'm on the same plan and no, it doesn't use your minutes.
In fact, now that I have the G3, Sprint.com lists a separate category (along with Nights/Weekends, Mobile to Mobile, and Anytime Minutes) called WiFi Calling Minutes and shows I've used X out of Unlimited minutes.

Long time lurker here, first post that isn't for a contest.

Wi-Fi calling was on my Sprint G3 out of the box when I purchased it 2 days ago.

I haven't used it yet though.

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Sprint is tricking people into thinking they have a good network by adding WiFi calling to everything.

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I just got this for my S5 and holy battery batman! I'm starting to set it up everywhere I can just for the battery savings!

Lucky G3 owners - have original S4 and wonder if we'll ever get it - had it on T-Mobile and it was a life saver

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I get a message that says in roaming and that i needed to purchase a pin. It worked fine for several days now nothing. Any ideas on what happened?

WiFi calling doesn't work. Whenever I try to set up WiFi calling I have to enter my address for 911 purposes and every time I do it it says invalid address. I have tries 5 or 6 different addresses and all of them say the same thing. I don't know if its an issue with sprint or lg software. I have spoke to sprint and they said its a known issue and have known about it for a couple weeks..

Ok I must be a little slow, but how do you "set it up" or see if its even working.....
I have had my g3 for about 3 weeks.
I looked all over the wifi section on the phone and cannot find anything :(

Any help would be appreciated.