LG G Flex

A big price for the latest big phone

If you're looking for a big, bendy phone and T-Mobile is your preferred network, you'll be happy to know the LG G Flex is now available for all from the carrier. Right on time, the phone is available online (and presumably in-store as well) for a pretty hefty price tag — $672 outright, or $28 per month if you choose to finance along with your Simple Choice Plan.

That's one of the more expensive devices in the T-Mobile lineup, but doesn't seem to be out of the usual for this handset across different carriers and countries. You're definitely getting great specs — and a few novel features — for that money, but there's still a tad bit of a premium being paid. Hit the source link below to buy yours now.

Source: T-Mobile


Reader comments

LG G Flex now available from T-Mobile for $672 outright or $28 per month


Wow, one of these or two nexus/Moto x phones. You'd have to really want that curve...

Or a camera... Or battery life...

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

I don't know why people are flipping out about this thing's price. It's a gigantic phone with a brand new technology. What did you expect?