Lenovo K900

Lenovo introduced its latest flagship smartphone tonight here at CES in Las Vegas, and it looks like it will live up to the hype: the K900 manages to pack a 5.5-inch, 1080P IPS display atop a strikingly-slim 6.9mm body weighing in at a mere 162 grams. The K900 is powered by Intel's brand new Clover Trail+  2GHz Atom processor along with 2GB of RAM -- coupled with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean out of the box, this is set to become one of the most powerful smartphones on the market today.

Android Central @ CES

The goodies don't end there -- the K900’s 13 MP camera should be atop any shutterbug's wishlist, boasting a Sony Exmor BSI sensor and a F1.8 lens for remarkable low-light performance. The front-facer isn't too shabby, either, sporting a super-wide angle lens.

The first thing you’ll notice about the K900 is its industrial design, with exposed screws, sharp corners, and both a gun metal black and two-tone silver finish -- this is more of a tool than a toy. It’s a huge device, no doubt, but it feels great in the hand, more akin to the Droid DNA than the Note 2 thanks to its more tall, less wide shape. And at 400 PPI, the display practically jumps off of the phone and slaps you in the face. Simply stunning.

Here’s the bad news: unfortunately, Lenovo has no plans to bring the K900 to North America, making this limited-market device the best smartphone American’s can’t buy. The K900 will head to China, India, Russia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam in the coming months for an undisclosed price. Our hands-on video and gallery are after the break.



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Lenovo K900 hands-on


Well if it hits places such as Vietnam and Russia, it'll be for sale on Grey Market websites soon enough.

And you have a Solid Gold Phone there! Just a big slab of gold. Very blingy. It will go down very well with Opulent Russians.

Probably because it's a International CES and not a North American CES.

I wonder why Lenovo does not allow the sale of this here in the US? Are they prohibited?

It could be so expensive that Lenovo knows that Americans (who are used to getting carrier subsidized phones) just won't pay the price, which I imagine will be substantial.

Most likely. But if the price is reasonable from places like Negri Electronics then I'm sure those who really want it will get it. Nice looking phone and nice specs.

The American smartphone market is crowded with competitors. It would hardly be lucrative for them to attempt market penetration in the Americas. And +9000 to your point.

Man that's a good-looking phone, especially the one in the last half of photos. I also really like the industrial look with the exposed screws. I wish it was coming to the States.

Man..! Haven't been able to get one here. Seems that the release is delayed. I'm impressed with Lenovo product though people here have less appreciation to it. Currently I have Lenovo S890. It is fair U$260 smartphone if compared to U$410 Samsung Grand.