We're all waiting and waiting (and waiting some more) for the slew of phones we know are coming to Verizon this spring, but that don't yet have dates. We might now have a better idea thanks to a leaked roadmap. Here's the breakdown:

Of course, this all depends on the authenticity of the leaked roadmap. And as we all know all too well, release dates may change. But regardless, it's a good reminder of the armada of Android that Verizon's about to float. [Phandroid]


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Leaked Verizon roadmap points to likely releases in April, May


This roadmap is pretty suspect.
In the Phandroid pic, it shows Droid X2 and the Galaxy as 4g LTE. I didnt think that was the case, however, I could be wrong.

Dammit. Rumor has it that the Bionic should have had an expected release date of 21 April. Not sure how long I could wait. Been wanting that since January. Still running things with an OG Drizzy.

I doubt the DX2 will have LTE, that would be redundant with the Bionic from Moto. Also seems a bit questionable that Samsung would release the Droid Charge (basically Galaxy S w/LTE) then release the Galaxy S2 a month later. Anyone who bought the Charge would be pretty pissed. If the Galaxy S2 is that close to being ready for vzw, they should just scrap the Charge entirely.

I really hope this is at least remotely close to being correct. The S2 is at the top of my list for my next phone. If it comes out before the tiered data plans, I'll probably be all over it.

I have seriously given up on Verizon offering this phone. At this point, the Merge looks like a nice phone for regional carriers. Unfortunately, it looks like we're stuck with the shitty Droid # keyboards.

Cellular South has coverage in Atlanta and they are getting it. Time to do some research.

That's just bullcrap. I am so sick of Verizon and there lack of phone selection. Not everyone wants a freaking footlong brick of a phone...some of us want, nay, need a decent keyboard for business.

I have to agree, a 4.3" screen is nice and massive, but I will not get a phone without a physical qwerty keyboard, and by the looks of it, Verizon has no intention of releasing one on the LTE network anytime soon. It makes no sense, they must know there are people out there who feel the same way, but they keep releasing phones that are all the same. Yes you can change internal hardware and a few key features, but really a 4.3" screen with a black bezel, a few dedicated buttons, and android is the same no matter which company releases it.

Guess you could always go Droid Pro...or accept the inevitably of the future and learn a touchscreen keyboard.

I'm holding out, my ideal phone specs:

Front and back cams
1 gig ram
Dual core CPU
4 inch screen
Rootable/bootloader cracked
NFC, maybe

Amazing. Ordered a TBolt yesterday! The only other phone I’d consider is the Incredible 2, especially if it’s Global. I’m a die-hard HTC fan. But coming from a qwerty keyboard, I’ll probably like the larger screen of the TBolt for typing. Anyone have any thoughts on that?

I really, really, really hope it's true that the Incredible 2 will handle both CDMA and GSM!!!

I've been begging Verizon for this.


Don't forget the Droid Incredible's GingerSense upgrade! I'm sure a lot of us here are rocking a DInc, eagerly awaiting GingerSense...