HTC ThunderBolt bootloader

If you've gotta have the latest unofficial ROM for your new HTC ThunderBolt, you're in luck this morning. An RUU has leaked out of one of those places RUUs tend to leaked out of (don't ask, you don't wanna know), stripped down and put back together again. And the list of known features is interesting enough.

  • New radio, version
  • Fixes to SQLite
  • GPS Location Services
  • LTE/3G handoff (huzzah!)
  • Audio recording
  • Video playback
  • Proximity sensor drain

Those are some fixes we'd certainly like to see. For those of you who know your way around a rooted ThunderBolt (you'll need S-off), head on over to the source link to check it out. For everyone else, let's hope that this shows up in an officially sanctioned update right quick. [Radio, how to root the ThunderBolt]

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wctaylor79 says:

Already running.. better microphone but still soft..

How's the GPS? I've noticed it seems to take a while to lock in. Is that what this update will be fixing?

(I'm a new android user, but advanced PC user.)

Small_law says:

Thank goodness for the gps fix.

voiceonly says:

Writing your stories a little early in the AM there Phil? :)

pstellato73 says:

What is the proximity sensor drain?

aydin96 says:

I think I know what this is... I have been seeing a dim red blinking light; next to the notification light. It is so dim that you have to be in a very dark room to see it... But it is constantly on. I couldn't find anything in forums, etc...

I wonder how much of a battery improvement this will have on the phone...

blizz419 says:

I've noticed that dim amber light as well i never seen it blink though its either on steady or off but i wasn't able to find any info on that light at all it's like a friggin mystery lol

SolidSnake4 says:

Will I lose root if I flash this?

L_Boogie820 says:

No. Includes su. Its just the radio

jimmyk0789 says:

When I rooted my thunderbolt was sense suppose to come off and look like stock android because if so it didn't

miller7796 says:

Only if you did something to remove Sense, such as a custom rom.

joewyno says:

Does this fix the issue with the battery being drained?

kosanke 1 says:

New to "Smartphones" I hope they send the download for your phone. I have NO idea what root and unroot your phone does. but knowing me I would F_ it. LOL So when is this "FIX" comeing out?

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