This tall piece of blurriness you see here reportedly is a leaked T-Mobile roadmap, and we see at least a few known Android smartphones listed, as well as some likely comers. There's no real telling what the dates mean, or just how legit this is. But let's break it down anyway:

  • The just-announced Motorola Charm and Samsung Vibrant are pegged with July 21 dates. The Vibrant's already been announced for then, so that's lining up nicely
  • The myTouch 3G, Cliq and Cliq XT look to possibly be getting their Eclair updates in August.
  • The HTC Vanguard (there's a new name) is listed at Sept. 9, and the Charm looks to be slated for an update right around then.
  • The HTC Emerald (there's a name that goes back to the Project Emerald moniker) is marked at Nov. 5 or so, along with the Motorola Jordan and what could be the Begonia (tell us that code name's wrong, please).
  • Another HTC phone -- the Schubert?) is under Nov. 17.

Remember that a good bunch of what you see here is completely unofficial and unconfirmed, so we'll have to see how this pans out. And as far as those future phones go, there's no telling whether they're Android, or may the eventual launch of Windows Phone 7. But that said, there's a good possibility that T-Mobile's got one hell of a fall lineup coming our way. [via AndroidSpin]

Update: Ah ha! Knew the Schubert sounded familiar. Our pals at WMExperts remind us that the Schubert has been rumored as a Windows Phone 7 device, so there's that. Thanks, George!


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Leaked T-Mobile roadmap shows some blurry handsets on the way


What I've heard about Emerald, That sounds like a interesting phone. I'm wondering why Vision isn't on there. & I'm looking forward to a 4+ in screen with physical keyboard & 2.2 or 3.0 already on board to put on my Christmas list to Santa.

Interesting so it looks like there will be two new HTC Android phones, one in September and another in November. I imagine the Samsung device in September will be Windows Phone 7 as it doesn't have the little Android robot next to it. Most interesting are the two Motorola and one LG Android device for late this year. We all know that the Emerald will probably be a high end device so I hope at least one of the Motorola/LG ones will be as well.

So, the MyTouch 3G will get 2.1 in August, not 2.2? Do the phones need to be updated to Eclair before being updated to Froyo? They can't go from 1.6 right to 2.2?