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TmoNews got their hands on a leaked enterprise calendar from T-Mobile corporate, and tucked in the rest of the news was the proposed dates for the Ice Cream Sandwich rollout for the Samsung Galaxy S II, the HTC Sensation 4G, and the HTC Amaze 4G. I won't tease:

Of course things like this are subject to change, but the time frame sounds about right. Be on the lookout for ROMs to leak, we sure will be. 

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Leaked T-Mobile docs give ICS update schedule for Sensation 4G, Galaxy S II, and Amaze 4G


I'm rocking an unnoficial cm9 alpha right now on my tmo s2 and I flashed a on screen navigation buttons like on the nexus its soo cool XD

June, what BS. After owning a Samsung Vibrant and now Sensation 4G, the only
Android phone I'll buy from now on is the Nexus (or switch back to iPhone). I shouldn't have to wait 7 months for an OS update.

The Rom for the Htc Amaze leaked a few adys ago on and the Sensation one leaked a while back as well.

I am running the official Leak on my Amaze right now and it is truly like a new phone.

Sure, my last post was a little trollish but I'm an avid reader of Android Central, even more than iMore. And I owned multiple Android phones, but when a phone like the Sensation gets left behind by not just the OEM but also by major devs like the CM team, it's hard to stay upbeat about good hardware that has been left behind.

At least when Apple updates iOS you know when your phone will be updated. And the iOS hacking community rallies behind one OS. When I go back to Android, it will only be to a Nexus device because of the focus it deservedly receives by developers.

Not to fond of your iphone or apple for that matter. But at least your aware of the android community especially for the galaxy nexus. Nothing beays the Galaxy Nexus not even your iphone.

was gonna rant about the G2X then I noticed....

Okay on the VERY LEFT EDGE... the words G2X appear and below it "ch"..... I would expect it to say "EOL" but.... it is also listed IN APRIL so it is obvious it can't be Ice Cream Sandwich.. and it's in red...

I saw that too and wonder if the red means it's been delayed. If XDA is any indication the only things holding up ICS on the G2x are Wi-Fi calling (which is T-Mobile's thing to work out with Kineto or IMS) and video features (which is NVidia's fault).

While I never really expected the myTouch 4G too see an official update to ICS(despite the comparable specs the One V), I am disappointed in seeing the myTouch 4G Slide continuously left out(it's a dual core device for christ's sake).

نحن في انتظاركم لكتابة باللغة الإنجليزية.

[Google translated]

As posted, already leaked and being discussed on XDA, HTC, and T-Mobile support forums. Of course, it took less than a day for a chirpy Magenta tech support rep to scold everyone, asserting that not only would installing the leaked update invalidate the T-Mo support and warranty protection, but also void HTC's hardware warranty (orly? :( ), your pets will run away, your milk will spoil overnight in the fridge, and the IRS will audit your tax return.

I'm happy to wait for June, until Fallen Tree, Disney, Hemisphere tell me how to backup and restore my scores/progress in my favorite games, a complete update/wipe is not something I want to do after 3 handsets and 6-7 factory resets trying to resolve problems with HTC's software.

I also have my fingers crossed that this long delay means that HTC is incorporating fixes for the Amaze's video recording (noise-ridden stereo), Bluetooth (reception range, incompatibility with many vehicles' hands-free systems). If these aren't fixed.... :( If Sense 3.6 doesn't have some of the 4.0 improvements.... >:(

Anyone who used the bootloader unlocking tool from htcdev is already void of warranty so they don't care hahah..

Honestly.. flash the leak its like butter.. or better yet flash Android Revolution. You get Amazing Stock t mobile ICS with none of the t mobile bloatware..

Don't wait till June.. Just Do it!

I really hop that the May 14th date is true. I am so sick of waiting. Its taking way too long for an update. Damn you US carriers.