Motorola Intel phone

We've known about Intel and Motorola's partnership for some time, and we've even seen the chip giant's Medfield platform powering prototype handsets. Today, a leaked render obtained by PocketNow purportedly shows the first Motorola-built, Intel-powered Android smartphone, running Ice Cream Sandwich with a new version of the Motoblur UI. And if you look closely, you'll notice what seem to be Galaxy Nexus-style on-screen buttons below the main viewport.

It's also claimed that the unnamed device will be making its first public appearance in a couple of weeks, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. That's certainly possible, but remember that Motorola's Sanjay Jha said at the Intel keynote that phones wouldn't hit carrier testing until the summer, with launches coming after that.

Of course, there's no way to verify that this thing is running an Intel chip just by looking at a render. And as is always the case with leaked renders, the finished product may end up looking nothing like this. Time will tell. What is certain, though, is that we'll have full coverage of whatever's on show at MWC in the days ahead.

Source: PocketNow


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Leaked render claims to show first Intel-powered Motorola phone


Verizon will sell it for $50 and call it the FanDroid, it will plug into a small keyhole on the back of the phone, with the FanDroid Maxx coming out 3 months later that uses half of the power its borrowing from the phone, and the fan will be twice the size
AT&T would charge you for the use of the fan. 30 minutes for $20

The materials of the phone, screen, and processor can handle running at probably 100-120 degrees regularly, it's not the phone that has to be cooled off, it's us folks that have to get used to a portable heater in our pockets. If the battery life is reasonable and it performs well, I honestly don't have much of an issue if it sits at 100 degrees and feels warm in my hand.

At the same time - this render is uninspiring - looking forward to real specs and benchmarks when they're available.

Meh. Looks very cheap and boring. Also, is that a camera shutter on the side? I'd love for physical camera buttons to make a comeback.

I'd really love for physical camera buttons to make a comeback as well. It's a sad day in the tech world in that department. :(

My OG Samsung Epic 4G has a physical camera shutter button, and even better, by default it's a 2 stage button - Lightly press and hold to focus, press a bit harder to capture. Also, if you own the same phone, did you know there is an "anti-shake" option buried in the camera settings? Take a look!

It's the only phone I've owned that has had it, and it only makes me love my phone all the more. Samsung really outdid themselves with the Galaxy S series, and Sprint's mods made it even better. (Physical keyboard, notification LED, 4G WiMax, etc.) I'll be hanging onto it until it breaks and cannot be repaired, or until a quad-core successor hits the market.

The fact that it can easily be hacked onto CDMA prepaid for $10.66/mo for unlimited 3G data? That just makes it even better!

So you misused the possessive form of who and it, misspelled herpes, and seem to think AIDS and Herpes are in the same league? Can a mod remove this guy's comment before I rage on him?

UI looks decent, but anyone could design a nicer exterior than that. Hopefully just a weird render that will never see the light of day.

The only redeeming thing about this is the UI looks really close to stock ICS. I hope with Motorola under the Google wing we get some more options with stock Android

my trust in Motorola and it's lack of updating there phones to ICS means I will vote with my wallet and say no. I do not trust them to keep it updated in a timely manner.

Really, tell that to the Motorola owners who own the Atrix 4G who more than likely not going to get ICS. Right now Motorola ics update status across the board is crap. They have listed very few phones. I wish more would start raising issues with the poor update from all the manufacturers.
Start asking more about the so called update alliance.

And? Where's the list saying the Atrix won't get ICS? When that comes out then you can start bellyachin. And all this over something that absolutely no one's done yet? Are you seriously that paranoid?

The first thing that caught my attention was the two small dots next to the upper right side of some of the icons. Some sort of additional shortcut or gesture launching method for alternate functions of the app?

"we" did NOT think the functionally brilliant HTC Sense UI enhancement to the basic Android OS was bad.

It's no RAZR, but hopefully it's packing at least a RAZR MAXX battery to get you through a partial day. I'm all for Intel getting into mobile, but they need to get the power down.

Looks like someone took a Razr Maxx picture and messed with it, in fact I'm pretty sure that's exactly what it is.

HereThat is not what I think this phone will look like. But I promise this thing will be a beast of all mobile devices. If anything is happening in the world of smartphone tech. Moto will be there. I know first hand. #1 hardware out there. Who has more reliable hardware? Who??

Can anyone answer in regards to what the name of the widget is for the Clock/Weather/Battery ???

I see 3 other people on here have asked with no replies !!

2 possibilities:

- That widget is part of Motorola's custom UI and is exclusive for this particular phone.

- It's just a mock-up and it doesn't really exist.