Droid X Gingerbread Wireless Hotspot

We don't know much about what, exactly, it takes for Motorola to get Verizon to sign off on an official ROM update before it can be pushed out, but we're pretty sure this isn't it. Looks like someone's sharing a bit of Atrix code, because when you try to launch the Wifi hotspot on the leaked Droid X Gingebread ROM, you're prompted to sign up at att.com/mywireless. [via Droid-Life]


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Leaked Droid X Gingerbread ROM tells you to use AT&T for wireless hotspot


It did the same exact thing on a leaked Samsung Vibrant Froyo Rom even though obviously the Vibrant is on Tmobile. Never understood why AT&T had anything to do with a Vibrant ROM....maybe something to do with the Captivate.

How do we know know if this is a fake Rom or not? I mean, come on, sign into AT&T?!?! I would be careful with this Rom. I hope my Evo gets gingerbread and the update for sense. After sprint said they want the Evo to be 1st to get gingerbread back before Christmas and still no news.

Like I wrote, they probably just borrowed code from the Atrix or something. There's Sprint security stuff in some of the Galaxy S phones. :p

Doubt at&t would buy verizon the government wouldnt allow it not to mention the amount of money it would take to buy out verizon. I mean look how much tmobile is getting sold for.

all this tells me is that the atrix will get gingerbread soon

there is tons of new features in this rom if you look around

did i mention the android zombie easter egg picture is in this rom

Well verizon does have it,my friend recieved her new upgraed Droid X today and it had Gingerbread on it,and I rooted it and added a few things like wifi tether,so yes big red does have itbecause it came on her phone from bigred,and u can see where they programmed it,so just a matter of days and we will see it..

Can you prove this is true? We need to see some photos of this. Or else your just trolling along....

Ok, I'm calling alot of BS.... Verizon has no GB yet!!!! my wife has worked for verizon for 10 years and i have a new droid x and no GB Updates have come out for the X yet...verizon rejected the GB update motorola sent. had to much stuff that needed to be fixed... so get you facts right before posting BS..............

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It works just fine for me. I'm tethered right now, this is how I'm reading this. I'm also paying for the service though. This leak is great though, makes me stop regreting giving up my Dinc for this phone.

What nobody knows is that AT&T and Verizon are in talks to acquire each other. The AT&T will be EVERYBODY'S MASTER!!!!