LauncherPro 0.8.4

App developer Federico Carnales has announced that LauncherPro, his popular homescreen replacement, has been updated to version 0.8.4. The new version includes performance optimizations and 3D app drawer fixes for Gingerbread, as well as two new screen transition effects. LauncherPro Plus customers will also get a new Gmail widget, along with bug fixes for the existing Twitter and Facebook widgets.

Fede has also revealed that due to changes to the Android Market's terms and conditions, the PayPal option for buying LauncherPro Plus will soon be phased out in favor of Market-based purchases. This will only affect new purchases of LauncherPro Plus, and LPP keys bought through PayPal will still be valid after the switch-over. 

Join us after the jump for a QR code and Market link for the new version of LauncherPro. The .apk file is also available for download over at the source link. [LauncherPro]


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LauncherPro 0.8.4 brings Gingerbread performance fixes and Gmail widget


I agree and thanks to adw and LP android users now can get rid of some of the looks that blur, touchwiz, whatever LG is calling their skin, and sense for the more stock look and feel plus add an arsenal of options like themes, widgets, docks, speed, transitions, etc, etc, etc. These two need to be commended. Great developers and another great example of why android is so great and customeization will always win out in my book. Although I haven't used either in awhile (well except for on my droid incredible with CM7 RC's which I just sold as I got the bolt)I still have purchased both premium editions as they both bring some great options and I feel they both should be supported. Keep up the good work anderweb and federico.

Federico is the Man! I no longer use Motoblur :-) The update is cool, but I don't use the email widgets. I use MailDroid Pro. The best email app on the market (IMO). I don't work for them, I just think they are two great apps that work great together.

Is this the " NEW NEW" Launcher Pro Plus? . . . I remember a while ago he said he was going to start from scratch. So is this from that line? Or still Old LPP?

this is an update to the current launcher pro.
I'm not sure what the status is on the overhaul he is working on.

The update worked fine on my Droid X. I didn't get an error saying it isn't signed or whatever you all got.

On a side note: I wish the developer would include unread MMS with the "unread SMS count" if we have our messaging icon in the dock. I love the screen transitions he has been working on lately, but it seems like this is a pretty heavily requested feature from looking at his page. Everytime we get an update, I hope it is going to be included...but it always seems to be overlooked.

The update works great on my Nook Color, love the transitions.

The icons on the tray still don't work though.

Graet app, love it.


The update works great on my Nook Color, love the transitions.

The icons on the tray still don't work though & the Twitter widget does not update.

that does not take away the fact its a great app, love it. it runs my Nook


Gmail widget seems backwards to me. I think the latest message should be on top, not bottom. I don't see a way to change it.