As always, we keep our eyes and ears close to the ground to stay updated with the latest cities to receive T-Mobile 3G. Considering that T-Mobile is seriously lagging behind in their 3G network (when compared to Sprint and Verizon) and that the other networks are offering amazing Android devices to boot, it's safe to assume that T-Mobile is doing everything in their power to get their 3G network on par with its competitors. Here's the latest:

  • Montgomery, Alabama
  • Topeka, Kansas
  • Clarksville, Tennessee

Enjoy your T-Mobile 3G! For those without it, it has to come sooner than later, right?



Reader comments

The Latest T-Mobile 3G Cities


Exactly. I work in Louisville and think the same f-in thing every day. In fact, EDGE is actually quite a bit faster in little ole Elizabethtown than in Louisville. WTF T-Mobile?

First it was October 08, then October 09. The last I heard was December, we shall see. It's about to be me moving to another carrier. I've been with t-mobile for a long time and otherwise really like them, but a tech company that can't keep up with technology is about as useful as my old 286 computer.

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in reading,pa waiting for 3g to go live ,ive heard from tmo employees that towers are ready the just need to tweak a little here and there before they hit the switch. since they have us on the list for 4th quarter of the year aka NOW its easy to believe!! come on TMO

well 3g is live for tmo in all of 19601 602 603 604 605,it has been spotty,on and off for a week or two . for 2 days now ive had 3g everytime i check!!!!!!! i have the all i need is 2.0 come on moto and google get your shit together!!!!!!!! i will keep u up to date as i venture into new zips