Carrier wars hardly ever make for good reading -- not unless we, the consumer, are getting something good from it. But, every now and then a slightly entertaining moment pops up. This latest advertisement from Sprint perhaps just about falls into this category. 

In a nutshell, it's nothing more than a commercial for their unlimited data plans. But, at least they've put some thought into getting that message across. The family has hired a 'Data Coach' to help them share out their shared data plan, who basically says "nay" to using cellular data pretty much anywhere. It's a little cheesy, but unlimited data is a pretty big deal, if you can get it.

Source: Sprint (Facebook) via Phone Arena


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Latest Sprint commercial says no to a 'Data Coach'


I 100% agree. It would seem that Sprint's 3G is hurting pretty badly just about everywhere, despite some fairly insignificant improvements in speed, capacity and reliability from its NetworkVision upgrades (which are also running into numerous delays). On the flip side of this is their 4G LTE network, which seems very capable and robust since going live in my area. Of course, the question remains if 4G LTE won't also get bogged down as more consumers transition to the LTE-capable iPhone5 and other Android devices.

Considering Sprint announced it wouldn't be rolling out true Lte till 2013, and then started this august is pretty good, they are already 6 months ahead of schedule. I'd say that is a good sign, and turning on new markets every month now.

Also vzw sucks in a lot of places. Unless you live within 4 miles of an lte tower you will not be getting true lte. I live in St.Louis, it is over 800 sq. miles, with 2 million people, and only had 7 vzw LTE towers. I only get an average of 12 mbps down and 5 up on average, my home wifi is 10 down 2 up. Verizon only does the bare minimum with everything and half asses everything else. My trip in Chicago had spotty lte coverage at best, even in downtown chicago i was 3g if at all. Verizon's lte coverage is minimal at best hear in the midwest, and not really worth it for 12 mbps down.

Sorry Sprint its actually pretty easy to determine data usage and plan for it. I never went over 2 gigs with sprint because their data sucks. I have 4 gigs with three people on Verizon and it's going very well. It's nice to actually be able to use a phone again. Go to hell sprint.

I agree with @djs71a; definitely consider yourself lucky. My Sprint 3G speeds have been under .10Mbps for almost a year. I had to get an AIRAVE "femtocell" just to be able to use my service at home. It wasn't always this bad, but something went wrong about 9 months ago that has really made Sprint's service unreliable and in some areas undesirable.

Sprint 3G was fine, I was just tired of waiting on carrier updates, whether for a new OS version or security fixes. Unlocked Nexus from now on (and unlimited data on Straight Talk).

I never understand people who make a comment like this; somehow because you have decent speeds, everyone else must as well.

Sprint has the shittiest 3G speeds, and all you have to do is look at the article on to see it's true.

That same argument works the other way around also, just because you have crappy speeds doesn't mean that everyone does as well.

People do the same thing with verizon or the other way with sprint. In indiana verizon 3g is falling apart. If its not the middle of the night I'm contantly bumping to 1x or I'm getting 50kb of download with good signal. I know the signal is good because I'm getting 600 up. Its just to overloaded and ignored. But people get good speeds in the south compaired to sprint and they think verizon is perfect and sprint sucks everywhere. Meanwhile sprint is pumping out 1mb plus all over up here on 3g. The blind bias goes both ways. So many want to convince themselves they are getting a good deal and have the best deal and there are no negatives with what they have chosen. Well I went to verizon two years ago and I made a mistake. One more month I I can go back to sprint

Not blind bias at all. I've had both and traveled all around. Sprint sucks in Manhattan, sucks in Kansas City, sucks in Hanover MA, sucks in North Conway, NH, sucks in several areas of PA. Most of those places I get four bars of LTE with Verizon. Christ, outside in the center of Hanover Ma, I can't get a signal with sprint. But they told me upgrades were made and I should be fine. Meanwhile I was switching between zero and one bar. Don't get me wrong, if you never travel and are in a good sprint signal area than god bless you. Otherwise as I said before, go to hell sprint - you suck!!!

I don't get how it is that Sprint has such crappy speeds, when they use the same 3G technology that Verizon uses, EVDO Rev. A. They both use the same tech for 3G, and yet the speeds are soooo different. . .I just don't get it!

It's weird. They use shitty spectrum so it can't penetrate buildings but their signal even sucks outside in most places. One area that makes it suffer is they allow you to roam on verizon but if you are in a bad sprint area, your phone will keep trying to access the bad sprint signal while you're on the verizon connection. It causes all kinds of problems.

Here's how I see it.

Is Sprint's data slow? Yes.
Are they unlimited? Yes.
Can I watch YouTube on it easily? No.
Do I watch YouTube on it a lot? No.
Pandora? Yes.

"Would you rather have a little bit of pretty good pizza? Or all you can eat of good pizza?" - Michael Scott
I'd pick all you can eat, as I'd prefer full to hungry, as hungry costs more. But, as those who've seen that episode know, not everyone does. Sprint's "pizza" is better for you too, and I don't have the feeling that Sprint is doing *as much* evil/is as greedy as AT&T/Verizon.

Pretty much my thought process as well. I don't use a ton of data (these days especially), but I support Sprint because I abhor the practices of AT&T and Verizon and feel like if Sprint and T-Mobile went away, we'd lose more than just unlimited from the two big carriers in the long run.

I don't blame people who use V or ATT. If it works for your needs, fine. And if Sprint doesn't, I'm not saying you should suffer through using them. But for people like me, where it doesn't make too much of a difference either way, I'd rather try to keep things balanced.

Well with unlimited data from Sprint you can download as much apps as you want and test them out on the go. Your locked into just 2gbs and waiting to get home to use your WiFi to test out this great game that AC just reviewed. Sprint Means Android. Unlimited Data on Sprint is like says Android id Open Source. So it has to do a hole lot with Android :o)

"Latest Sprint commercial says no to a 'Data Coach".
Did they also say no to having a more robust network? Great service? Support? I had sprint about 8 years ago and I see they're no better now then they were then. Sorry sprint it's gonna take a lot more then unlimited data to get me back on their network.

Would being bought out by a Japanese telco & using the cash to accelerate their LTE rollout (while keeping unlimited data plans) do it for you?

People and their personal feelings. Murphy5111 You have every right to complain and feel the way you do but in those same areas you mention (NYC Manhattan) realy? What phone did you have during this visit, I go to the city often for my business and check in on emails and surf the web with no problems. I Traveled to Allen Town PA, Bushkills Fall PA to visit my Family and my data has changed but still works for me, In Bushkills there use to be a cut off point to use the phone before we got to the house but now I can use my phone and data.

Things are different for everyone and for you Sprint doesn't work. But for fans like me and many others it does. The first thing for anyone should be the coverage because no matter how much unlimited data you use or or limited because of cost. If you can't use it its worthless. I am on Sprint and there data works for me...

I live in Houston Tx and I can say that I'm pretty happy with Sprint. There's not many places in Houston you can go without getting blazing fast LTE now since launch. Especially when you factor in that they are only 30% complete on build out. This is excellent for me as I only pay 75 bucks a month with my employee discount.