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It looks like Samsung's all-metallic Galaxy Alpha may not launch on August 4 as previously assumed, as the latest rumor from AllAboutSamsung suggests that the device is slated for a launch on August 13, three weeks before IFA.

The mid-range handset is said to feature a 4.7-inch 720p screen, an octa-core processor, most likely the Exynos 5 Octa 5433, which has four Cortex A15 cores and four Cortex A7 cores. Other rumored specs include 2 GB RAM, 32 GB internal memory and a 12 MP camera along with a 2.1 MP front shooter. Interestingly, it looks like Samsung will offer a nano-SIM slot with the Galaxy Alpha, according to the leaked image of the device.

While the launch date seems uncertain, what is looking more and more likely is Samsung's intention to launch the device ahead of the IFA, where the Galaxy Note 4 will be the main focus. We'll bring you more information on the device as and when we receive it.

Are you excited about the all-metallic Galaxy Alpha? What are you looking forward to the most from the device?

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Latest rumor suggests August 13 launch for Galaxy Alpha


Wait, so is this exynos processor flagship level? Could this actually be the small phone with power that we've been waiting for?

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Not really.
Lot of difference between "rumoured" 5433 and 5422 (used in 3G S5 models).
Most likely changes to 20nm process and GPU.

While the rest of the android manufacturers play catch up from a market share standpoint they are so behind it's pretty comical.

The BEST just keeps getting better year after year turning out new product after new product and with the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy VR headset and Galaxy Solo Smartwatch on the way the competition will be choking on dust.

It's pretty much plain and simple nothing beats Samsung period they are Android nothing else matters.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

Market share and quality / features aren't equivalent. Just because Samsung has a large market share doesn't, by any means, mean they produce the best products.

Where's your T-Mobile plug? I thought your contract with them required an endorsement to go with every Samsung plug! Hahaha

Posted via Android Central App

Except anything produced by Samsung. The s4 had issues but not any of the others.

Get over yourself and learn objectivity

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The S5 had plenty of issues. I had a lot of issues with the launcher freaking out and displaying blank boxes instead of icons, or just refusing to do anything.

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Oh yeah! A brand new samsung phone with android 4.4.2 probably! I'm so happy!

On the other hand, Sony update their last phones with android 4.4.4!

Shame on you samsung!

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Are we sure it is an Android phone? Judging by Alpha, could it be a Tizen phone? I know they don't leverage the Galaxy name on their WinPhone devices, but considering Tizen is where they'll eventually want to put all of their eggs, I could see it happening there.

Since the device has the Galaxy name in its branding, it's safe to assume that it will run Android. Also, Samsung has delayed the launch of its Tizen device once again. So it is safe to assume that this device won't run Tizen.

The new "Galaxy" Gear runs Tizen, so I wouldn't say that means all that much. We already know Samsung is slowly drifting from Android and if they left it for Tizen altogether, they would never give up the Galaxy brand.

Correction, the old Gear owners were given the option to switch to Tizen, the New Wear is all Android.

They will not give up Android and if they did, they would give up the Galaxy name to make there own Brand as big.

If its not 1440p its now mid range....

I'm sick of specs determining if a phone is high end or not. People derided the Moto X as being 'mid range' yet its day to day performance was on par with the Nexus 5 and beyond what HTC, Samsung and others offered.

Performance and actually use should be the determining factors.

samsung: "If you think our shotgun approach was bad, then you have seen nothing yet. We will double our efforts by flooding the market with even more of our junk."

But...But...Metal....but 4.7"....but but.....good specs.

Doesn't that check off almost all of the Samsung haters checklist?

I thought the alpha was gonna be like the super spec phone... :( well I guess I gotta wait for the note 4.

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I thought the rumor stated that only the chrome band was metal. To be honest I hope they get away from that chrome band on the Note 4/S6.

Metal means weight, these things are heavy enough after you put a decent protective case on them. (Otterbox Defender)
I'm into lighter not heavier.

Posted via Android Central App on my Galaxy S4