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There's a lot of speculation about a Google branded tablet in the news recently, and we're all paying close attention to the rumors. A 7-inch tablet with decent internals, running ICS at the right price strikes home for some of us. But there's another thing to think about -- it's still a plain vanilla 7-inch tablet. We've seen ASUS and ACER can push out updates to their tablets, so being on the latest version isn't a question any longer.You're likely to get better customer service from a consumer-oriented company that you would from Google as well.

We love Android tablets. Most of you guys and gals reading this will as well. We're Android enthusiasts. But let's face it, Android on a tablet has been a bit slow to take off. Even as enthusiasts, we have to admit that. Is Google putting their name on the box the trick to make them sell?

That is the question, you have the answers. Would you buy an Android tablet solely because it was backed by Google? Tell us in tonight's poll.



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Late-night poll: Would you buy a tablet because it was Google branded?


I'm not a tablet person but the ASUS TM Prime caught my attention lately. If google comes out with a Nexus tablet then I'll probably buy it.

True, but to date, most tablets have been pretty much stock android, with very few manufacturer extras. Some of those Extras have been very worth while, Acer had ADD In MicroSD, and USB support way before anyone else.

I voted yes, but I would not actually buy a 7 inch tablet. Too small. If Google comes out with a 10 inch model I might consider it as long as Samsung does NOT make it.

Google branded tablet has a greater potential for long term software support. Asus, Acer and the rest haven't proven that they are in it for the long term to me yet. They just pushed out updates to their first tablet, lets see how their updates go when they have 4, 5, 6+ devices out.

thats why at least from ASUS the og Transformer now has ICS. Yeah they give up their devices so quick dont they... Idk about acer but ASUS was the first company to put ICS on a tablet.

Agree 100%. Not only that...I have to actually like it and want to use it, keep it.

After owning a G Nex, RAZR and Rezound....being a Nexus device or having stock Android isnt enough. IMO the G Nex woulda been an amazing tablet...

You "remember" the Xoom? What does that mean? It it is a great tablet that is far better than a Kindle Fire in just about every way (except being more expensive).

The only real problem with the Xoom was the 3G/4G version upgrade with Verizon and Motorola and had nothing to do with the "nexus-like" WiFi version. Since the Fire is a WiFi device, what do you care?

After seeing the stellar support Google has given my Nexus S,

Makes me wonder if the Galaxy Nexus will suffer the same fate once the next Nexus releases....

I'm looking forward to the Asus Padfone more then any thing else announced to date. Being a long time Asus user for PC builds, I've always had trust in their products.

The problem with the last two Nexus phones was Samsung.

I suspect Sammy has worn out his welcome, and the next Nexus will be far better supported.

I value google and android always will but personally i am not in the tablet market. I prefer the upcoming GALAXY JOURNAL/NOTE2 on Verizon or the GALAXY S3. Looks like a great summer is upcoming on Verizon either way i will be adding one of these to my already industry leading GALAXY NEXUS.....

Samsung fan boy much? Galaxy journal isn't the galaxy note 2 and you prefer a phone that at this point doesn't exist?(i'm sure they're working on it but no one knows the specs out let alone how it looks, it hasn't even been announced

You have been waiting for nothing. It has been on the market for over a year, called the Xoom WiFi.

Hell freaking yeah! I'm hating these overly skinned phones & tablets! Give me my ice cream plain and I'll put my own damn sprinkles on it!

No. I'd probably buy it if it was a good tablet, but not because it had Google branding. I have the Xoom 3g/4g and even though it was supposed to be a flagship device, the updates aren't handled correctly.

No (I say from my Acer A200). The experience on this device is vanilla enough for me. Besides, the Nexus devices always show up in New Zealand late and overpriced. :( were this not the case, I would be answering yes.

If it's a decent tablet at the rumored $199 price point, that is intriguing on its own more than just the Google branding. and I lust over the TF Prime

If Google's name was on it the market may take off. I have yet to find real purpose in owning one vs. having a better equiped netbook for the price. If they put a pretty logo on the back and focus on gaming, then they could isteal some customers.

Cyanogenmod announcing support for a particular device would be far more likely to sway me than Google branding would.

Seriously. Even on phones, I don't buy them based on what the manufacturer includes... I buy them based on what the dev community can do to the device.

Same with tablets. I've held off on a tablet up until now, but a Google-branded tablet just might persuade me, based on the amount of attention the dev community will give it.

Though I answered “no” to the question. I would love to see Google get with some of the manufactures and open an Android Outlets of some kind. I think it would attract a lot of the business from the average person. That business model has been one of the reasons the ipad has been such a seller. Give people a single place they feel they can go for answers and support.
One store with nothing but Android tablets and phones from multiple manufactures/carriers. But with the Google marketing/branding behind it. I think it would be a huge push for Android.

I can't convince myself that I need a tablet, that being said a plain google tablet would be preferred.

I thimk it would be stupid to buy a tablet just because it was Google branded, especially if the rumors are true and they're trying to keep it cheap to compete with the kindle fire. That means it'll probably have lower specs than some other tablets. I would much rather pay another couple hundred bucks foer a higher end tablet and put stock ICS on it.

I usually do not purchase products due to a brand name. However I do tend to migrate towards brand names I am familiar with.

No, I bought the origional G1 and then the G2 phone. About the G2 I was assured on blogs, websites and by various sales people that this phone was the most likely to be among the first to receive updates, it was discontinued with in a year. I don't think anyone deceived me intentionally . The G2 is my current phone and has a solid build and functions well. At the time I don't think anyone saw Google/Motorola coming. I do however feel betrayed by Google. As a company I find them fickle and dishonest. I am not a fan of the new " violation of privacy" policy. I have stopped using them as a search engine. I feel conflicted about my gmail account. I am often amused by their inept attempts at advertising. I have thought of using a screen capture of "Recipes for Spam" above my spam folder as an avatar. I have grown disenchanted with Google and no longer trust or believe anything they say. The only thing they have been honest about is advertising is their raison d'etre. No I will definately not buy a Google tablet. They have demonstrated that they can't be trusted, even by those that manufacture their hardware. I find Google to be self-serving and hypocritical. I am a fan of Android but dislike Google. This is quite a conflict.

Not simply because of the brand. Google is making a more than fine brand for themselves with regards to software and services, but their issues with the Nexus/Xoom/ICS upgrades has dented my trust if them in that arena

No. I look at specs and build quality. (Now if it was a 10 inch Nook Tablet with stock android with the same build quality and none of b&n contractions but still made by them with great internals and a keyboard dock like the transformer prime, I would be all over it.)

I will buy a tablet for vanilla android and nice screen. I won't buy just because it is Google branded if the internals suck or the screen is bad. I love my XOOM and the developer support as well as the ICS update from google update (even though I've been running EOS since before the stock update) but the screen is puke worthy. Tired of having made the screen trade off for the ease of development.

I buy Google phones so why wouldn't I buy a Google tablet. I still don't have a tablet. But if this comes out with good specs and $200 sign me up. Google for life

I personally am waiting for the ASUS MeMo 370t (Unless I win one of the Primes). After deciding on it, I heard rumors that it MAY be the "Nexus" tablet, but then later that it would be a different $200 device.

No matter, The $250 price tag and those specs will make me more than happy as the first tablet for my family.

I don't buy something JUST because of the brand. Yes if that particular brand has served me well, I'm more likely to buy it again, but in the world of electronics especially I wait, research, read reviews, and see if that particular device (NOT the brand) will suit my needs.

Would I buy a "Google" tablet? Maybe. I don't need a tablet, but if it fit what I was looking for (and I needed one more then I do now) I'd buy it. However if an iPad or Playbook would fit my needs better, then I'd buy the most suitable tablet FOR ME.

I see a lot of negative in this post. We are all entitled to our opinions and everyone has one. I am not here to dispute any of it, but I would encourage people not to feel "betrayed" or disappointed because you SUDDENLY realized Google is in the business of making money. It is a company and that is what companies do....ALL companies.

Yes, I'm aware of this. We live in a capitalist society. Some companies are more open and honest than others. I'm beginning to feel as though Google has the same ethics as Goldman Sachs. I don't intend to offend, I once really liked Google but I have grown disenchanted by their recent changes and policies.

I would because the development community would be very much into it, and it would be supported for a long time. The G1 has ICS, and a Google Tablet would be good for years to come. I'd prefer a 10" tablet, so I may get the Asus Pad Infinity.

No. Given the first 2 versions of the Nexus phone program. The specs never seem to have enough meat for long term support. Look at the Nexus S debacle.

Would I buy a Google tablet? Yes, would I buy it JUST because it was a Google tablet, no. Just because a tablet is a Google tablet does not mean it will follow the Nexus rules and Nexus does not mean all that it once did. Nexus experience is a nice feather in the cap for any device provided the hardware is there.

I have avoided the GNEX though because the on screen buttons suck up precious real estate (unlike the One X for example) and because the camera is not as good as an S2 or One X.

Tablet formfactor is still a gimmick imo. So i say no to any of them unless they are free lol. My 4.5" phone and my Lenovo Thinkpad Edge will do everything i need to do just fine.

Agreed , There's nothing you can do in a Tablet That You can't do in a phone

My Atrix & my Laptop do anything I need

No I won't buy a one , Hell I'll stay away from it

The "Google Brand" will only damage it sells , Just ask Motorola

The OG XOOM had a vanilla Android HoneyComb , when It launched it didn't even support the SD-Card slot the XOOM have & Motorola didn't fix it because they wanted to keep it "Pure" & it took Google like 5 months or even more to make it work & its not even working properly

Don't get me wrong , the XOOM(Wi-Fi) is great tablet & I like it allot , but I'll take the XOOM 2 over it in a heartbeat , just because its NOT a Google Branded

But yet again , Im not looking for a Tablet

I might buy a goog tablet, but to buy one "just because it was Google branded" has got to be the worst buying decision criteria I could think up, same for any brand.

I would be interested in seeing a nexus tablet, but haven't bought a nexus phone yet, so probably wouldn't get me. I agree that cyanogenmod would be a more attractive than vanilla-bean, but honesty I'm scrutinizing the price tags more than the branding.

Not for nothing, but you can just hit reload and vote more than once. Might want to do one vote per IP address or some other check.

The problem with Google:
a. They are all about coding, no sexy hardware.
b. Their hardware is usually lacking something major i.e camera
c. Google seems to hold back to give other manufacturers love

I say it's time for Google to step up with motorola and compete with apple instead of wacky hardware to not out sell partner manufacturers.

Not really. After seeing the Nexus S go months without an update to ICS, I can't see myself getting one.

The tablet needs to be amazing, or really supported. The Transformer Prime is amazing. The Kindle Fire is really supported; I haven't seen anywhere near as many updates on other tablets that I have the Kindle Fire.

Perhaps the next Kindle tablet will run ICS, maybe it won't. I did notice that they have fixed the majority of issues with their fork of Android. I would be more interested in an Amazon branded tablet than from Google.

I am an only Nexus device person. I love android just cannot stand all the dang manufacturers with all of their devices. It all just becomes too much. I really only follow the Nexus branded stuff because I love Vanilla. I trust google to give me the latest and greatest on a Nexus. It may not have the best specs but at least it is somewhat reliable and made to work with the software. The Xoom was not the best tablet experience but at least it was not plagued with bugs like the Galaxy Tab 10.1 IO edition was.