We got wind of a new rumor about what may be next in the EVO line this afternoon, and some of the best reactions were about the kickstand. Yes, it's rumored to have one, and yes, lots of folks are happy about it. I understand, because I am, too! To me, of all the things that were great about the original EVO 4G (and there are a lot of them) the kickstand always stood out the most. The OG EVO not only changed the game with it's big screen, but having a method to lean it back and watch a movie or two was huge. It was a stroke of genius, other phones have come with one since, and many of us are hoping HTC and Sprint bring it back.

Of course, there's likely just as many folks who don't give a hoot, and even some who think we're a bit crazy to love the kickstand so much. Maybe they're right. But that isn't about to change anyone's mind now is it? Whether you love the kickstand, hate the kickstand, or just don't care, let us know in the poll.



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Late-night poll: It's all about the kickstand!


I love the kikstand on my Photon, now give it to my wife to get the Epic 4G Touch miss the kickstand so bad and ended with a kickstand snapon on it. Love it but not the same.

Since my first Android phone was an EVO, I have missed it since having 4 other ones with out. Here's my super quick attempt at adding a kickstand my Epic Touch with a mini binder clip. With my extended battery and work-in-progress crappy silicone case it is quite interesting... MacGuyver's phone... lol.

And there's a Wii remote strap for extra baller points! Zots on the extended cover are another test to see if I can keep some traction without spray gluing shelf liner on it... uhhh... oh yeah, kickstand! It works surprisingly well, I could even spin it on the turntable a bit without it falling over.

This is one of the most hilarious things I've seen all year.

You, sirmaam, made my entire week. Thanks for that!

By the Powers of GreySkull!! That's not a MacGuyver - that's a MacGruber!! Where do you insert the celery stalk?!

I moved to the EVO 3D after winning one in the Be A 3D Star contest. It's a better phone in most respects but the lack of a kickstand was immediately annoying and has never stopped being annoying. I noticed later that HTC made a case with a kickstand. This made it even more annoying as it became obvious that it was a premeditated way to make more money off the handset. Very, VERY disappointing, HTC!

I wish my Rezound had one. Too bad Moto didn't have them on their RAZR / RAZR MAXX models. It would be perfect since they.have their Micro USB & Micro HDMI ports on the top of the phone.

the kickstand concept is awesome. however a lot of people buy a case to protect their phone, which blocks a built in kickstand. so for me, it's a nice option, but not a primary selling point. there are so many choices now for cases that have a kick stand as well.

I don't know about that, because I've have several cases (high cost to generic) on my EVO and all of the cases had the cutout for the kickstand.

I don't know about that, because I've had several cases (high cost to generic) on my EVO and all of the cases had the cutout for the kickstand.

oh, good point. i did not realize that. it's still not a deal breaker though, as i said you can just purchase a case that has the kickstand. UNLESS you don't like having any kind of case on your phone.

Though the Rezound doesn't come with one, I always buy the cases Verizon sells with the folding kickstand that allows you to stand it up portrait or landscape. Love 'em!

It's nice as long as they don't put the charging port facing down so you can't charge it with the kickstand out. How stupid is that?

You guys remember when the EVO 4G first came out Sprint used the kickstand as one of the reasons they were charging the $10 premium fee. Now with the LTE version having a kickstand wonder if they are going to double that fee since you will have LTE and a kickstand.

Dude, what are you talking about?

Please link to ANY source showing where Sprint said the $10/mo premium was in any way for the kickstand.

Sprint charged the 10 extra not because of the Kickstand rather than 4G wimax. That's the reason they start charging 10. A special premium data charge.

I absolutely love having a kickstand! It has come in handy in many occasions. I use it the most when listening to music around the house...makes my speakers sound so much bigger, with the sound bouncing of the surface or a wall...awesome!

I can't stand the kickstand (no pun intended); I think it's an awful idea, and what I hate most about it is its popularity - which makes manufacturers love it, making it almost unavoidable.

When my phone is in it's holster, the last thing I want is the possibility of some accidental deployment, leaving the kickstand begging to be caught on something and snapped off. It's reminiscent of the dumb-ass holsters for flip phones that had the phone facing out - allowing it to flip open while in the holster. Making kickstands more secure when stowed would be a big improvement.

Worse, the shell/holster combo for my Bionic includes a kickstand, making the shell too big for the car dock. Worse still, the belt clip on my Otterbox Defender includes some kickstand capability, allowing it to lock in an open position and fall off my belt.

Of all the kickstand implementations I've seen, the one on the Verizon shell/holster combo is the least problematic, but I still hate it.

I can totally understand the dislike of a case w/ a kickstand. What I can't understand is why you would buy a case you don't like. And I can only speak for the OG EVO and the Photon, but their kickstands are slightly recessed when folded in and aren't on a flimsy hinge so they can just flop out all willy-nilly. They put a small indentation in the phone frame, around back, wo you can get to the tip of the kickstand to flip it up. The more I think about it, I wonder if you've ever had a phone with one. Certainly not the EVO.

Loved it on my Evo, miss it on my GNex. It was always a "slip insurance" handle when I was holding it and taking pictures as well (especially at concerts).

I used to use my TBolt kickstand all the time, but since I've switched to a GNex, I've been using the next best thing: my iCarpus. It's a handy little piece of plastic with a spring hinge that grips around the phone. So much better than slapping one of those bulky cases on my phone, and it costs a whole lot less.

I love that the new Evo One X (or whatever it is called) is rumored to have a kickstand. If only it had a removable >= 2200 battery it would be a worthy successor to my OG Evo.

Had an EVO 4G for a couple months and never used the kickstand. It may be handy occasionally, but it would be much more useful if you could adjust the angle some and it worked in portrait or landscape.

I'd like a phone with one. I always prop my phone up on my wallet at lunchtime. A kickstand would be better. I would not base my buying decision on one but would pay an extra $10 if I knew it was specifically to get one.

Love the kickstand on my Photon. The built in Clock/Desk mode when its in use is an awesome feature.

I hope Moto keeps it was the feature, that for me, had the Photon win over the Samsung Galaxy SII E4GT.

I love the kickstand on my EVO 4G, although I don't use it much. I wish the kickstand would also work if you stood your phone upright. That would be great for playing Wordfeud and reading tweets while having some cereal in the morning.

The only use I make of the belt holster for my Gnex's otterbox defender, is the kickstand. Love it.

Actually thought it was a bit silly, but then I got a case for my Fascinate that came with one and good golly Miss Molly I'm happy I have it.

I could live without it, but there are just some scenarios where it comes in handy i.e. watch a video while eating lunch or on the sink while I'm brushing my teeth or propped up on a restaurant table to distract your little munchkins long enough to chew a few bites of food.

Initially, the kickstand on my Thunderbolt seemed like a bit of a novelty, but it has grown to be a killer feature that I use all the time! Can't imagine not having it. I really don't like cases, prefer a naked phone, so when I'm ready for a new phone, I'll be looking for one with a kickstand! Thunderbolt 2??? :P

It love it. I just hope htc doesn't put the Micro USB port on the left side of the phone IE Thunderbolt. That was a major fail

Late night poll reply a few nights later... I've never had a phone that had a kickstand. I doubt that I ever will. "Just that simple".