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We had another good look at the Motorola Droid 4 today, non-removable battery and all.  Well, the battery door cover is removable (unlockable even!), just not the goods underneath.  We're seeing how well it's 1785mAh battery lasts on LTE, but that's another story for another day.  Tonight we wanna talk about phones that do have a removable battery, and get an idea just how many folks use that feature regularly. 

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Late-night poll: Do you carry a spare battery?


I need a really big Evo 3D extended battery.
I get about 35 - 37 hours with a stock(custom) rom, Wi-Fi on, GPS on, and mobile data when I need it. (Moderate use)

A really big extended battery will keep me away from a charger for days.

I always have a spare battery charging in the truck. I dont care how big your battery is , when you stream music ALL DAY at work it wont last the day. Its nice because no matter how much i use my phone im never tethered or have any real down time. I dont even charge at night. Just pop in a new battery in the morning.

Yes, two of them. I always make sure they are charged and that I have the wall charger for them as well, especially during times of extreme weather in case of a power outage.

No. but then my Android device has a 4000MaH battery! (Galaxy Tab 7). There is one exception, when i go on multi day hikes i take a PowerMonkey eXtreme battery pack (9000MaH) to top up the devices (Tab and i8910) as they run GPS apps all day.

I don't carry a spare battery, but I do like the idea that I can get to the battery in my phone for definite powering off/restarting and replaceablity purposes.

I do, however, keep a Duracell MyGrid USB charger battery with me. In an emergency, I can plug that into my phone and it treats it like it's being charged off a USB port.

I think the big thing is that you are expected to charge your phone battery with the phone. It's not like my 14500 batteries that I have a separate charger for. I have to admit though, if I had a Nexus, that Mobi dock with spare battery port in AC's store would be pretty tempting.

I'm a security guard, super, super boring job!!! I do a lot of web browsing and watching news videos on my Samsung Droid Charge, so I bring a desktop charger with me to work, swap out batteries mid-shift, and at the end of my shift.

I have 3 batteries 2 in backpack with my charger and 1 in the nexus.
I always use the battery in phone till dead then swap.
Hardly plug the phone in unless I need to adb

I have 2 spare batteries and I usually carry 1.
Removable battery is a must for me when choosing a new phone. And it's the reason why I went for the GS2 instead of the Droid RZR.
I use my phone a lot and I don't like to run out of juice. I prefer a spare battery over a charger.

Standards all day. Takes two swaps ti last an average day. I have 3 just in case I go traveling as a back up. I hope this doesnt effect the nfc.functionalilty on my Galaxy Nexus in the long run.

My GNex on telstra battery life sucks. Carry two spares with two wall chargers at home. Can't wait for battery technology to advance

either 2 extended bat and charger
or 3 regular and charger.
HTC eco 3d sucks battery's like mad,
but I'm on the thing all the time :)

Yes. Life of an EVO owner. I don't use them all the time, but I have 4 batteries total. 3 standard size, 1 extended. I can usually get through most of the day with just one standard though.

I have an extended battery in my rezound, and I carry another extended battery, and I keep the OEM charged JIC.

I always have with all of my previous phones. But, of course, the Razr Maxx doesn't give you that option. So far it isn't needed, but I'm about to do a lot of flying next week and we'll see how it holds up. I may end up with one of those external batteries.

(BTW: Tried the 1800mAh one that Verizon sells. Terrible, terrible, terrible.)

My Galaxy S2 usually gets me through the day unless I'm spending a lot of time in airports. For those times I have a spare Desire Z in my briefcase to throw my SIM card into.

I keep a spare battery in my pocket and a charger in my bacpack. It's not often i have to swap batteries but worth carrying the battery just in case.

There should've been a third option, for sometimes. I have the extra standard battery for my Nexus. It comes with a nifty little charging case. It is so handy. The "extended" battery for the Nexus is junk. It only gives you 12% more juice, and no way to charge the other battery.

Agree and disagree.
Sometimes carry spare battery, also have GNex VZW, bought the spare battery charger dohickey with Y cable, so I have 2 standard batteries, also bought extended battery and cover from AC shop. You can charge extended battery in that flat battery charger thingy just fine, but the lid doesn't close all the way. but it works.

Have to, my USB port doesn't work anymore, so I have to swap out. :( If anyone can tell me how I can fix it, I would greatly appreciate it.

The charging cradle for my LG Revolution came with a spare battery and charges it and/or the phone independently but at the same time. I carry the spare almost always. I'll use the phone a lot through the 1st battery and then more sparingly on the 2nd.

No spare battery(stock battery) ,Galaxy Nexus.
I have chargers just in case I need them depending on how busy I am or how much I am using my phone (gps,etc.)

Yup yup. Ever since I realized they're cheap on Amazon and come with a wall charger, I've never looked back. I just rotate between 3 batteries and never have to be stuck to an outlet. It's even better since the Epic 4G touch boots in about 35 seconds.

100% in ~35 seconds > 2+ hours for 100%

I carry one but I rarely have to use it being that I'm always never too far from a charger. But my phone is LTE so I know the deal..

I voted no, but I keep one charging on my desk and sometimes swap batteries if I'm running low before my normal overnight charge.

I have a car charger and a charger in my lunch box at work so if I need it I have them. But my battery has been lasting a day and a half. I have a Motorola Atrix 2 4G.

My Rezound has the extended battery.Plus I have an AC-rated car charger & carry a spare wall charger if I feel I'll be out for an extended time.

No, 1800 Mugen battery gets me through the day and then some in my Dinc 2... I do carry a spare handgun from time to time when going in what may be dangerous neighborhoods.

How much do you use for phone? I have an SGS2 on AT&T, I know their are some differences, but still I always get a full day of moderate usage out of my phone and I'm still on the stock rom, I've only owned it for two weeks and I'm not sure if I'm going to root my work phone lol. For now I actually like touchwiz, they have improved it a lot.

I did with my Nexus One. But now with the Note I can go all day. Actually I thought I might need a larger capacity battery but uninstalling the yahoo mail app improved things dramatically. And yahoo mail configures automatically and works in the regular mail client anyway.

I did this with my BB before I went Android. The reason was they had a nice little charger and battery so I could leave it charging and would just swap the batteries when I started to run down. I have the DINC and never really saw a similar setup. I consider the extra battery but since I would have to have it in the device to charge it never seemed like a good solution. Missed opportunity on HTCs part. That don't seem to get the accessory market if you ask me. BB did a good job on this releasing accessories along with the device...of course RIM has missed on so many other levels...

Nop, my Atrix came with a big ass Battery from the Factory 1930 Mah & it lasts for around 2 full days with playing music

But I do have a Car chager & an extra USB cable & for the emergencies I've a Nokia E75

It's too much of a pain to change the battery on my Inspire. Taking off the case, prying open the battery cover, waiting 15-20 minutes for it to fully restart (got 15gb of stuff on my 32gb SD, takes a long time to mount that). I do, however, have a New Trent backup battery that I'll carry if I know I'll be needing some extra juice. Most of the time, though, my Anker 1600mAh battery is enough to get me through the 18 hours from unplugging to recharging.

I have three batteries for my phone. It's really nice have the two extras, I never worry about my phone dying.

When I had a Droid X I had an extra battery that I carried with me as well as a AC charger for that battery. Now that I have a Razr Maxx I have not need for an extra battery. Before using the Droid X I would run out of battery juice by 2pm from a 8am start resulting in a battery switch out. I have yet to kill the battery inside of my Razr Maxx. An fantastic phone.

I wouldn't even buy a smartphone until I knew I could get through a day on a single battery charge assuming moderate use. It's why I went with a Dinc2 over a faster 4g phone when I upgraded last July.

Poll should have included other options, like sometimes or rarely. In normal day to day life I don't, but I own spare batteries an extended battery and a original battery, I use the resound battery in my tbolt.
but when I drove to Boston, and used my phone as a gps, spare batteries were essential, anytime I'm traveling and I'm unsure of when I'll see a charger or I know I will be heavily using my phone (GPS for instance) I carry extras, but that's by far a small minority of the time.

On a normal day my phone gets through an entire day even with moderate to heavy usage so it's not needed.

with my OG droid and D2, i carried an extra battery. with my GN and its horrible battery life, i have an extra standard battery, the extended battery, and the wall/usb charger on me at all times (and for good measure, i have the separate battery charger, too). good thing i have a purse to carry it all in :P

Since my OG Incredible I have always carried a spare battery, car charger and wall charger with me. Think I got enough JUICE!!

I voted No but I do have one which comes along if I am going on a trip. Acts as peace of mind in case I have battery issues I know I have one handy.

I voted no. But, I am considering getting one. When I'm on Wifi at home or work, battery life is great. But, when I'm out and about LTE drains the hell out of my SGS2SR. So, on the rare occasion that I'm out the whole day, I'm considering getting a spare battery.. or portable charger.

Not at all, don't even own an extra battery!! My Evo 3D lasts 15-20hrs with moderate to heavy use so I have no need & yes that's with 4G & sometimes Bluetooth...I get a great signal here in NE Ohio!

When I had my DX and Tbolt I would always carry around an extra battery in my wallet. I refuse to get an extended battery for my phone. It just makes it really bulky and makes it somewhat ugly. I haven't gotten a change yet to purchase an extra battery for my Samsung Galaxy S2. But the battery on this phone isn't too bad. Considering the specs. I ALWAYS have a charger close by though.

While I don't technically carry around a second battery, I do have an extended battery for my Tbolt. I'm now on conference calls 3+ hours a day and light to moderate usage outside of that and can go a whole day without needing to think about power.

You should include 'extended battery' as a third option in your poll :).

2 Things:

1) turn off your LTE, if you aren't streaming video

2) getting the battery out is sometimes the most effective way to power off a frozen phone. Had to do that all the time when my OG droid started getting old.

I don't have a spare battery. But ever since i switched to a smartphone, its been a standard procedure, for me at least to buy 2 extra USB cables for the smartphone. One at home, one for the car, and another for work. It also doesn't help that the last 2 phones i got had different micro USBs.

I cant remember the day when it became a regular habit, that wherever i was, the first thing i do is connect the phone to a USB cable or dock to charge.

Why be stuck to a cord? Switching batteries for 100% beats being tied down. Let your dead spare at the outlet.