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While on the Google Quarterly earnings call, Google CEO Larry Page let slip a little bit of his enthusiasm for Ice Cream Sandwich.  With words like "You won’t believe what we have managed to do in this release", "I'm super excited", and "incredible" being thrown around, it's easy to see he's pumped about the ICS release.  We are, as well, and I'm sure a good many of you guys are, too.  Oct. 19 can't come soon enough!

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JD MBA says:

In related news: Apple sues Google for using the term "Incredible" when describing the next version of Android. It violated Apple's "Incredible, revolutionary and magical" patent.

nega_john says:

Would have been a snappier come back if there wasnt a phone called the Droid Incredible.

He also called picture uploading for Google+ "automagical" lol

BarneyDroid says:


Don't forget Htc then

flash4yish says:

Some of the info I got from the seminars at CTIA yesterday regarding ICS is indeed awesome. ...I will sort through my notes and post the stuff they were able to talk about... will blow your minds.

flash4yish says:

ICS Improvements:

New use of existing sensors...
Improved facial/voice recognition.
Integration of internal sensors with camera or GPS.
Context awareness: Sitting, walking, reading.

New sensors for phones/tablets...
Much better magnetometers: 100Hz update with minimal noise.
Humidity sensor: Lie detector App?
New Wireless: location of shopper to the nearest shelf?

New Virtual Sensors and Helper methods..
inElevator sensors?
getIconLocation-for augmented reality apps.

This was discussed at CTIA regarding ICS and future plans. It was somewhat confidential and the engineer said he would "deny" sharing this information with us until ICS is announced on the 19th of October.

Jeeverz says:

Dear Larry Page,

I hope you are not lying to me.


teh B33f3at3r

gray21t says:

is their anyone Apple won't sue?

Hbomber110 says:

They are suing a fruit company so, no.

They Kindle fire is black. Big mistake, wait for that Apple law suit.

6tr6tr says:

I'm very skeptical. From what I've seen in the videos (assuming it hasn't changed much), it's a small upgrade with some positive features but nothing that will rock the industry.

koolbon says:

Well, we only saw some part of the launcher, so there could really be a lot of different things. I would like to see Chrome browser in ICS for a start...

6tr6tr says:

There could be but I've now seen three different videos (one showing it on a Nexus S and two on a prime) and none of them look "incredible." They all look about as "amazing" as honeycomb on a tablet, which is to say, a tad underwhelming.

koolbon says:

"incredible" things don't necessarily have to be visual. Things that run behind the scene could easily be that and we might not even notice them visually. It might not mean a big change to average users, but it could be something big in terms of technology or what had to be done to implement them.

kenwen says:

The problem there is that technical cool stuff doesn't always translate to user fulfilment.

I love android and have been through three handsets, two tablets and have persuaded most people I know to join...

But, user experience is paramount and IOS5 is very, very slick.

the cards app is a prime example on how Apple add apps which sum up the relentless user first focus.

The people who count, the user and buyer will just go "that's cool!", and in my opinion, Android sort of lacks those features.

If ICS implements facial recognition unlock and goes all out smacking Siri with Andy The Android Assistant I take it all back :)

Someone_asdf says:

Why wait for ICS for facial recognition?

Just pick your launcher as the application to protect, and disable your lock screen.

Remember, this is Android. If someone's thought "OMFG THAT WOULD BE COOL", it's already been implemented. All developers have the same access that Google's own applications have, save the market (for obvious reasons).

Oxirane says:

I'm actually interested to see how the whole Siri thing goes... if it reacts to any passive statement like I understood, then I feel it may be more aggravating than anything else.

My fingers are crossed too that ICS will implement more "cool" features that can be used as selling points for the entire platform, but mostly I just want a 4.5"+ pure google device that isn't enormous to run CM8 :P

Hbomber110 says:

2.2 was the biggest release in term of improvements, and it had little to do with the UI.

itrustme618 says:


planoman says:

Might have to return my sgsII and sit on my upgrade.

EVO 3D with ice cream sandwich will be great

greasyspoon says:

And given the current rate new android software officially appears on handsets, next October will "Super exciting" and "Incredible".

Mac58 says:

I don't believe that's Google's fault or androids fault. The phones we buy are skinned and because of that hardware manufacturers have more work to do to place newer versions of android on them. This, accompanied with the fact that hardware companies can just release a new phone with the newer version of android and make more money, translates to a bad user experience. If you want faster updates that won't take a year, go with a nexus. That's what I plan to do.

jlschulz says:

The only thing that wou.d be truely incredible and would offer a move to blow away computers would be true multitasking with multiple windows on a single screen. Short of that, it's still just a smart phone.

Mac58 says:

I agree this is similar to touchwhiz on the gtab.I thought Samsung did an EXCELLENT job with this feature. They just need to expand it.

pearljam5000 says:

I want:
Hardware acclarated browser,the stock one sucks!

gdbjr says:

What you you expect him to say? "Oh it is ok, nothing special"

Mac58 says:

My thoughts exactly lol

aaronwe says:

Wow... that almost sounds... insanely great. :-)

Droid S II says:

Nexus Incredible

soccerfon711 says:

I'm getting my hopes up too high; I need to be realistic, but this guy is not helping.

DWR_31 says:

I'm an Android user until I die, but that Siri thing on the 4S is seriously turning some heads. I use my voice commands a lot and Siri took it two steps ahead with a talk back feature that understands the way we normally talk.
ICS better have some killer features, or the iOS camp is going to have a big reason to boast about how its better to blindly follow a closed and dieing ecosystem.
Come on Amazon, put your middle finger up so that Siri chick can suck it!!

emceephi says:

Please please add hardware acceleration to everything, and make the stock browser as quick and smooth as iOS. That's all I want.

dashwen says:

if ice cream sandwich does not improve on screen transitions (slight lag between changing screens), then i'm giving up hope...

dashwen says:

if ice cream sandwich does not improve on screen transitions (slight lag between changing screens), then i'm giving up hope...

dashwen says:

if ice cream sandwich does not improve on screen transitions (slight lag between changing screens), then i'm giving up hope...

npc_caseym says:

+1 on that...

cdubbsworld says:

ICS could be good but how long till the people who dont have the Nexus Series to get it without root

npc_caseym says:

Looks awesome but like someone else said, we are all getting our hopes up way too high...I like the element of surprise and being overwhelmed by an announcement, instead of let down because I was hoping for a Les Paul and got a Squier :-)

Andy and Larry are making it really hard to be surprised! I'm not even sure what would "overwhelm" me with the announcement at this point. All I know is I can't wait for next Wednesday!

Scottee28 says:

Stability is needed, big time! Honeycomb 3.1 browser crashes everyday at least once, market wont connect until after a couple of reloading tries on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-Verizon

keithz says:

How many times before have we heard such talk? I love Android, but I gotta say they do a lot of stuff half-assed. For once, I'd like them to pull off an update with same polish that Apple puts into their OS releases.