If you're a Kyocera Zio owner, we've got good news for you. Kyocera has finally released the source code for the Zio on their website, opening the doorway for a whole plethora of hacking and modding to one of Sprint's lesser-known Android handsets.

So, anyone out there planning on developing for the Zio? CM7 on the Zio perhaps? Anyone actually own the Zio? Hit up the forums and talk shop with your Zio brethren. [Kyocera]


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Kyocera Zio source code released -- custom ROMs imminent?


Working with a group of developers to make a compatible overclocking tool to work with the phone's kernel so it can be overclock and to also have some custom roms for it. "Cough HTC Sense Cough".

Kyocera actually makes the phone, they merged with Sanyo's mobile division in 2008.

Though there does seem to be identical Zio M6000 with Kyocera branding and another with Sanyo branding.

Ha! No, my phone looked like a handheld receiver, but between the time I first had it and eventually replaced with a smartphone, it had suffered a water park, 6 long drops to cement, and even ran over... Can't say it looked pretty, but it sure took a beating.

Loved the giant speaker that took up the entire front of the phone as well.