Kyocera Milano price drop

The Kyocera Milano's been around less than two weeks. And in less than two weeks, the already affordable Android smartphone (it's a mere $49 on contract) is going to drop another $20 to just $29. That's damn near the lowest you can get without being free. And while you're not exactly going to get the biggest or best phone out of it, that price is going to be too good for many to pass up.


Reader comments

Kyocera Milano set for a price drop to $29 on Oct. 2


Hey look, it's another low-end phone.

But even if it's free you will end up paying $2000 on a two year contract. Life is short. You use your phone every day, all day. Get the one you want.

Agreed. I'd go low-end only if I was replacing something that I broke mid-contract and couldn't afford anything else.

More likely, I'd get an old BlackBerry on eBay to hold me over. They're super cheap now.