Kobo Arc 10 HD.

High-res, high-performance tablet with a focus on reading


Kobo recently announced a range of new Android tablets, at the high-end of that range sits the Kobo Arc 10 HD. With a Tegra 4 tablet with a 2560x1600-resolution display, the e-reader company finds itself positioned squarely at the high end of the Android tablet spectrum.

Nevertheless, despite the raw power — and presumably, gaming prowess too — under the hood, the Kobo Arc 10 HD's primary purpose is as a premium reading device. Kobo's built a custom launcher for its tablet based around navigating through magazine and book content. Most impressively, the magazine reader app itself allows users to easily jump between paragraphs by tapping either side of the screen, rather than scrolling and zooing around using the touchscreen. There's also a dedicated reading mode that dials back the screen brightness and background tasks, with the aim of giving users an uninterrupted reading experience.

The Kobo Arc 10 HD also sporting a unique chassis design, with an unusual geometric pattern on its rear. Despite these sharp lines, it's comfortable to hold and use — at least, as much as any other 10-inch tablet.

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Kobo Arc 10 HD hands-on


Looks good to me! I like what Kobo did with their most recent generation of hardware. Seems their skin isn't terrible and the devices are pretty good. Nice to see another player in the market with what appears to be a quality product(appears to be since I haven't had my own hands on it, so I will reserve judgement until I get to handle it)

My advice to all who have read this article and have made it to the comments section is this: STAY FAR, FAR AWAY FROM ANY AND ALL KOBO PRODUCTS

Kobo has the worst customer service in the history of all customer service departments I've had to deal with. I own a Kobo Aura HD. The first one they sent me came with a defective screen which I noticed the first time I used it. I contacted them the same day, and the first CS rep I spoke with was rude and talked down to me. From that point, it was all downhill. They promised me a replacement, but it took more than two months for them to SUCCESSFULLY ship me one, and I had to open a credit card dispute before they took any action to replace my device after WEEKS of waiting. They then sent my first replacement to the wrong address, and blamed me for submitting the incorrect address, but I showed them the record of me submitting my correct address and they finally sent another, which worked fine (luckily). Then they countered my credit card dispute and claimed that I never returned the defective device, which they had in their warehouse and an employee had signed for a month prior. My credit card settled the dispute on my behalf, since Kobo lied about me not returning the broken device.

Seriously, people.. stay far away from this company. If your device is defective or you have to contact CS, you will regret it.

Agreed. Take a look at the track record of the Vox and the first Arc. Poor development and customer support. Even in Japan they prefer Amazon/Kindle over Rakuten/Kobo. I have had the arc from release. Initial joy soon turned to frustration at the lack of support, features and functions. Buy your devices from a device manufacturer buy your books from a bookseller. Librarians make lousy devices, device manufacturers write lousy books.

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Odd, ive had nothing but good experience with Kobo and its ereaders / tablets,

In fact I had an ereader that was obviously damaged by its user (screen smashed!) and they had it replaced within a couple of days, no questions asked and at no cost to myself at all.

I guess its like any other company, some times you just have crap luck.

I would have liked some more dedication to the Arc but since that got Rooted a while back ive just done what I needed to do myself. The only thing holding me back on the Arc 10HD is if a successful root can be found and that it doesn't have a 32GB option at the moment, not having either of those isn't the end of the world but it would cement the deal, if it doesn't id probably just consider getting a surface 2 for a wee bit more cash since that has the storage and the grunt plus some pretty successful development going on for it.

I have been very happy with my Kobo readers and Kobo Arc. I also work for a Kobo retailer in the US and have seen a very low % of defective products. We have in the range of 1,000 demo units in place that get a lot of use and they are holding up well.

Kobo customer support can be spotty and we have talked to them about it. But, I would not let that keep me from buying their hardware. I like their open approach to books and that their tablets are certified for Google Play.

On the new 10 HD, I don't understand why this is only 16GB with no expandable memory. I understand that it is designed for reading, but it has good media specs and media takes storage unless you have constant access to the cloud. I hope that they will release a 32GB version in the near future.

It runs 4.2, but the softkeys are in a place, where they are easily reachable.

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