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Not too long ago we took a look at the Uber50 theme for UberSocial for Android, and today the folks from UberMedia are back at it again with a new custom theme for us to enjoy. This theme is martial arts themed, and is called UberWarrior. The theme includes a custom wallpaper, martial arts styled sounds throughout and gives you the MMA UberChannel to keep you in the loop at all times. So if you are rocking UberSocial for Android and want to kick it up a notch, hit the break and download UberWarrior.

Source: UberSocial

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Jonneh says:

When UberSocial bought Twidroyd or whatever deal happened there, suddenly the app went to's disappointing. :(

Mr.Froyo says:

twidroyd was forced to rename itself.

Jonneh says:

Oh, I see. Shame :-\

newboyx says:

It's been the same company making the app, just different names.

conchchowder says:

YEAH! I wanna watch a bunch of men in tighties, chase and grab each-other! Yeah...bring on the men! I can't get enough of them...NOT!!!

If they were women, HELL YEAH! Y'all are strange...very strange.

djmiked says:

The ads suck!