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Electronic Arts is currently offering up a series of deals every day, funnily enough known as the EA Daily Deals. The offers vary as one would expect, but to help us keep an eye on what's up for grabs each day, EA has released a handy homescreen widget. It basically cycles through the full list of current deals, and when you see one that catches your eye, tapping on it will take you right into the Play Store listing for that app. 

Upon installing and launching, you'll be asked if it's OK to provide EA with a bunch of information about your device and your location. Hopefully, this means the deals you see will actually be available on your device and in your region. Something not always the case with EA games in the past. It isn't compatible with the lockscreen on Android 4.2 though, so it's homescreen only for this one. 

North American's should hit the Google Play link above, and for our International friends, head to the download link below. 

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Download: EA Daily Deals (International)


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Keep on top of EA's Daily Deals with a handy homescreen widget


Nope. Not a joke at all. I remember they did something like this for Blackberry devices two years ago. That was only an app that linked you to all their games that were on sale though.

I really hope you guys were paid by EA to write this. There's no way I would ever waste my screen space or precious system resources to install this.

EA is America's worst company. This new crapware app demonstrates it richly deserves the title of America's worst.

EA has absolutely the worst customer service I have ever experienced. If anyone knows how to actually get help with their android apps please let me know. Until they have righted their wrong they can go to hell.

EA has poor app support and nonexistent customer service. Unless their apps are on sale for 10 cents I would advise to avoid their stuff.