Keep Calm and Flash Jelly Bean

A wallpaper from our own Jerry Hildenbrand and the Markers Android app. Download it here.

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Uncle Louie says:


Hand_O_Death says:


You missed your calling Jer

So simple, yet... So Jerry
Love it

JonJJon says:

Nice one Jelly Hildenbeand, erm I mean Jerry Hildenbrand.

djw39 says:

That's "Hildenbeard".

DreamSTi says:

This is the worst wallpaper ever. And Phil is a fatty.

What an @$$hole! ^^^

Actually, the last few photos of Phil have shown a slimming trend.

man just a wallpaper? i thought it was gonna be some way to get jelly bean on my one x :P

Chive and Android Central should make some t-shirts out of this!