Friday is near. That means the end of the work week for many of us, the beginning of the weekend, almost Saturday, nearly Sunday — and more important, it's time for the Android Central Podcast!

This week we'll talk about the FUD of Chrome and microphones, the Sony Xperia Z1s is now available, T-Mobile wants to be a bank or something, the Moto X gets wood, and Beats Music is now available.

Plus, we'll be answering your questions live in the Hangout Q&A. So hit up this link Friday at 4 p.m. EST (that's 1 p.m. on the west coast and 9 p.m. in London) and we'll see you there!


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Join us Friday for the Greatest Android Podcast in the World!


Great video, made me laugh. I knew there's be a punchline somewhere, but you still surprised me. Well done.

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YESS I missed the live podcast last week not even sure if there was a live podcast but thank goodness there is one this week

Phil, you guys should invite us, the internet P1, you y'alls pod cast like once a month or something??? Just a thought. Not all of us at once but one lucky random invite.

So where is the podcast? It's Monday now and it's still not up.

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+1. I don't see it in the Android Central app, nor did PocketCasts find it. Lack of Jerry already ruined my weekend, now I'm getting a case of "the Mondays".

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Just checked the G+ feed. Looks like the podcast was canceled due to Google Server issues. *tear

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