The Great 30-minute Google Outage of 2014 scuttled the Android Central Podcast last week, and Florida Ice Storm 2014 threatened it this week, but we're going to give it another go today. And we've got just a wee bit more news this week. Mainly, Google's unloading Motorola on Lenovo. Plus, we'll give Andrew a hard time for saying something unpopular about Motorola (gasp!), Google and Samsung play nice with patents, a slew of single-source rumors we might or might not believe — and a whole bunch of your questions, answered live.

Join us live at 4 p.m. EST (that's 1 p.m. on the West Cost) at this Hangout on Air link.

And yours truly will be hopping on a Hangout with Mashable earlier in the day to talk Android, so stay tuned for a link for that.


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Wth was with Atlanta and abandoning their cars on the Highway? I have had to drive in a foot of snow just to get to school and work in MO and they only had 2 inches?

I was really hoping for phil to post snow and Palm trees in the same pictures, I have never seen that before.

Palm trees in GA and SC. He is in North Florida. Now if it was South Florida than it really was a blizzard

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Should be a pretty short podcast. I don't remember any big news this week.

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Awe, your unplanted flowers are probably ruined... Woke up to -9 here in Minneapolis this morning after 6 inches of snow yesterday...

The first half your video I was expecting a zombie to pop out or something, lol...

Ok, people, native Floridian here. Ya gotta understand something. Florida was not designed to freeze. At best, our clothing can support 40F weather. Mostly we just have shorts and t-shirts here. Seriously. We don't have ice scrapers. We don't have salt trucks. We don't have _anything_ that makes living in freezing conditions bearable. Typically a hard freeze like this lasts about 4 hours and then everything melts. This was one of those rare occurrences where it lasted much longer.

So, cut us some slack if we say it's cold.

Oh, and for the record, you yankees that move here lose your cold resistance after ONE of our summers. HA!

Edit: Not a rant; all in jest. Have fun!

"Oh, and for the record, you yankees that move here lose your cold resistance after ONE of our summers. HA!"

My grandparents will attest to that. They don't even like coming home for the holidays anymore.

Aww, poor you. It's gets so cold in Michigan that when i was 7 my brain froze and it hasn't thawed out yet...which really explains a lot

Posted from my newly Kit Katted Droid Ultra

"Ok, people, native Floridian here. Ya gotta understand somethin"

Ha! Us northerners DO understand it, but that doesn't make any less funny!!

But you guys get to laugh at us northerners when we come down for mid-winter vacations. We're pretty easy to spot - we're the ones walking around in t-shirts and shorts, proudly displaying our pasty white skin that hasn't seen direct sunlight in months while the locals are wearing jackets and pants.

I don't know, I think I'll still take our sub-zero temps over your summers. Talk about brutal.

It's good to see people having fun with this.
It's hilarious to see my fellow Floridians do the "Oh, Crap! It's cold!" dance when coming in out of the weather.

haha ya gotta love January weather in Florida, so bipolar. Freezing temps one day and then the 80s the next.