I love goooold. That's probabably what John Legere is thinking right now. Earlier today he went to Twitter to promote the Galaxy S5 that came to T-Mobile today. HTC wasn't too happy with all the attention that T-Mobile's CEO was giving the S5, so they supplied him with a shiny new HTC One M8 wrapped in a brilliant 24-carat gold finish. Did you really think Samsung would take that sitting down?

John Legere just shared a picture of his new Samsung Galaxy S5 in shiny gold. John claims to be Batman, but he just might be the next Bond villian at this rate.

Would you (and could you) rock a gold Galaxy S5?

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John Legere has a Gold Galaxy S5, too


Somehow even a gold plated Samsung phone looks like cheap materials lol

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Now that is just sad. I have to agree though, the HTC ONE M8 version looks much more premium because of its design.

Yep. It really did look nice. I would never spend that much on a phone though m

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So the gold on the GS5 is removable, right?


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What a joke you are

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

+1, or a nexus
You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Why do you hate nexus so much that your user name has no nexus as well?

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That makes sense, because this gold S5 picture would probably look better if it was actually taken with the M8 since they appear to be in a dim setting. And the picture Legere took of the gold-plated One using the M8 looks great, I think.

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I wish would know what they are talking about.

S5 pictures have better color saturation than the M8. The M8 does a decent job in low light conditions but the S5 has an overall better camera implementation. HTC has a good idea going with the Ultra Pixel but they are all lower resolution images with noise often.

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Good to know the ever important "#waycool" is living on. Thanks John....

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As I'm sure a gold phone would not work properly, I would not rock one, also I don't want to be robbed....also I like the blue one! :P
(gold as a metal conducer would interfere with radio signals too much, a guy did it to his OG iphone and ruined it)
(I've read that HTC claims it will not interfere, but I'm not going to risk it)
I'm sure my dad would like it though, he has a gold (colored) car!

You realize the regular HTC One has an aluminium body, which also conducts electricity. If it was an issue all HTC One owners would be complaining about lousy reception with their phones.

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Next up a Gold G3 and a Gold Nexus 6 and a Gold Note 4, the point being? i for one dont give a toss what he owns, that being a 400 room mansion or his own island lol
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A gold S5 would go great if i was sporting a gold grill! I bet their are rappers out there wishing they had a gold S5!

Maybe someone should ask him on twitter where the gold/blue versions are. I would but I don't twitter.

So I have had the Galaxy S3 and S4 and now have three of the best phones I have had and people may laugh but one of them is the Moto X which really is a great devise in black because the white one looks cheap but black one does not. The other two are the HTC M8 and iPhone 5S. Samsung while a great device is becoming boring. They need a device restyling.