Jelly Bean

Well, guess that's official then.

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Jelly Beans spilled at Bldg. 44


4.1 makes sense, ICS was a major release, with lots of changes to Android, this one will be less transformative, I expect changes on par with froyo to gingerbread this time around.

Hey Phil this picture is during construction. The finished statue is an android with a transparent body filled with jelly beans.

Not sure Google ever said that it's release versions were named after desserts. I always remember the phrase "sweet treat"

Have you had a honeycomb for dessert? :)

Seriously, I think the theme is the more generic "sweets" than the more specific "desserts".

Well candy can be a dessert but not all desserts are candy. I guess the overarching theme for their codename scheme is "sweets" rather than dessert. Although I guess someone could have jelly beans for dessert if they really wanted to...

All I have to say is please let me order the Nexus 7 (if thats what its going to be officially called) ASAP. Announce it and then say "its available now for order through the Play Store."

I agree. I hate what seems to be so common in the Android world, announce something and then wait a few months to release it.

Sweet. (Pun intended.)

Google better be careful before the healthy-food police accuse them of marketing sweets to kids, and force them to name the next version "kale".

LOL, I crack myself up.

Key Lime Pie seems most likely, but personally I'm hoping for Kugel. Or Kettle Corn.

Followed by Lollipop (or Lemon Drop, or Liquorice), Marshmallow, Nougat, Orange Sherbet, Peanut Butter Cup (or Pecan Pie), Qatayef, Rock Candy, Sorbet (or Sugar Plum, or Sprinkles, or Salt Water Taffy, or Strawberry Shortcake), Toffee (or Turkish Delight), Upside-down cake, Vanilla [something], Whipped cream (or Whoopie pie, or White Chocolate), Xanthan Gum (or, for a stretch, hot cross buns), Yogurt (or Yellow Cake), and, of course, Zucchini Bread.

Then, as the opposite of desserts, they could go with vitamins: Retinol, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Pantothenic acid, Pyridoxine, Biotin, Folic Acid, Cyanocobalamin, Ascorbic Acid, Cholecalciferol, Tocopherol, etc.

I was going to say the KitKat name is probably protected by Nestle. Sure there's Honeycomb cereal, but honeycomb is too generic to probably be protected as it has meaning other than being a cereal, not like KitKat.

Awesome! The phone that I preordered and wont arrive for 2 weeks (SGS3 on verizon) is now officially a rev behind already. Guess it's time to start trolling XDA for Jellybean leaks. I cant stand running stale software.

OMG! Someone spilled the beans!

Sorry I couldn't resist! Love the creativity of the jar of spilled Jelly Beans!

No NO NO NO! They were supposed to call it Jelly or something else just to prove these a-hole rumor sites wrong, NO NO NO NO

You know, eventually that lawn is going to look like a set from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Why the black Jelly Bean got to be the outcast?!?! Nah, jk! It's just crazy to me that ICS hasn't even proliferated to many devices and now we get Jelly Bean. If I was on a phone that was scheduled for ICS this fall I'd rather wait another couple of months and just get Jelly Bean. I know it's not Google's fault so these carriers need to get on board!

so most of the phones don't even have ICS or are just getting it and google is getting ready to release jellybean already? im really getting sick of the android ecosystem.

Maybe you'd like to think about buying a nexus next time if you want prompt updates. IMHO, the nexus owners should be a full version ahead of the rest of android users....sorta as a beta, if you'd like to think of it as that.

But honestly, buying anything other than a nexus, then complaining it's taking too long to update just makes no sense! Think about all the steps a FW update takes before it gets to a carrier locked device. Not only do you not get First party updates, you don't even get third party updates. Carrier updates are like getting sloppy seconds from a whore...everyone's had a hand in it before you and by the time you do get it, you REALLY don't want it anymore lol

You could go to apple and get a new iOS release annually and then check the list of features not going to your device.... Or you could just root and always keep current. I then again there is always option 3. Bitch about it until nothing happens... Option 3!?

And your point is?

They both have fragmentation but android is a hell of a lot more widespread because of all the different manufacturers and different phones on the market. So if you buy a new android phone today such as the GSIII, You might see JB in about 2 years. If you have a GSII your outa luck. Sure, you can root but not EVERYONE wants too, and that includes avid android user.

Now stop right there. You're making too much sense here. These ultra die hard Android users here, well some of then at least, can't stand any negative talk about Android or Google. And please don't bring up the asinine release schedule that Google has been on with new versions. You'll be pilloried & driven out of here like witches running from the village mob.

And this coming from someone thoroughly invested in Google services (calling myself the Uber Googler no less) who was attacked for wanting to see on ICS on at least 50% of current & soon to be released phones prior to any new version coming out.

Oh well. More fragmentation of apps & services.

Buy a phone for what it is at that point not for what you hope it to be....unless you get a nexus. Anybody that whines about updates, please get an iPhone and get used to ur wackass yearly updates that don't make ur OS anymore than an app drawer. Oh and you don't get siri or fuckin NAVIGATION lol fragmentation....

Jerry, it sure looks like Alex was right, and we will see Jelly Bean on phones within the next month! They don't add the statue until the OS is pretty much ready!

Hey google stop developing cuz my phone doesn't have ics!!!! Lol please google your update schedule doesn't benefit me!! Me me me me me! Fragmentation. Lol


It's not really google. It's the carriers. The carriers are the ones slowing progress to most phones that can handle a new update. But when there are 5 or more phones in the carriers lineup and all with different specs version numbers, it's hard to keep up.



Now there have been instances of people buying a new phone with the promise of the next update and low and behold...the ball dropped. No new update for them. So my point is that it's the carriers. Google can keep developing all they want but until they make an OS that's lite n thin and able to be implemented on most phones without serious thought, carriers are only going to support a certain few hence the fragmentation.

To honor President Reagan, it should be called Jelly Belly. They are the best form of Jelly Beans as should be Android.