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It's been a little while since we saw the international Samsung Galaxy SIII (S3) receiving an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update in Poland, and now it seems that the Galaxy S3 on the Now Network is poised to get its own update. A 4.1.1 build for the device has leaked out and packaged up for users to test their luck flashing over at the XDA forums, bearing the build number JRO03L.L710VPBLIF. Both Odexed and DeOdexed versions of the ROM are available, and as is usually the case with leaks like this, users are reporting mixed results using it as a daily driver.

If you're interested in doing some tinkering and want to try Jelly Bean on your Sprint Galaxy S3, hit the source link below. As always, flash at your own risk and do your self a favor by backing up first!

Source: XDA Forums; Thanks everyone who sent this in!

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srazzak says:

Have been running it odex for 10 hours, no problems here :-)

Normally this would be a great thought. But I will solve this problem now just purchase the Galaxy Note 2 with jellybean straight out the box. Nothing beats a device with jellybean already optimized when launched instead of a device waiting on a software update from a carrier.

Mtn_Scott says:

"Nothing beats a device with jellybean already optimized when launched instead of a device waiting on a software update from a carrier."

Almost any AOSP ROM release would. (Not a nightly, but a release.)


+9000 Richard, I can't believe I'm saying this... but I totally agree with you on this lol. I'm waiting on the Note 2 also. Probably going to sell my GS3 as soon as the Note 2 is available. I would love to see how Jellybean improves on the Android Experience. My only gripe is that it seems that even though Jellybean isn't a full new OS release, a good number of apps have to be updated to become compatible with it. But,you're right that "Nothing beats a device with jellybean already optimized when launched instead of a device waiting on a software update from a carrier." Tell that last line to Atrix 4g, Photon, and electrify owners...

Cubfan says:

Works great on my phone. Dramatic improvement in every way!

axllebeer says:

Hopefully the Evo 4G LTE is soon to follow.

Haha you would think a phone that came out earlier and is pretty close in specs would come out with JB first :P Granted it only came out a couple of weeks earlier.. but still... I'm with you.. would really like to see JB on the EVO. :D

banzaiwolfe says:

Look how long it took them to release ICS for the EVO 3D though, I don't trust HTC/Sprint to be as fast as they used to be, and I'm glad I jumped ship this time to Samsung after 4 HTC phones in a row.

mdmitchell13 says:

Heck ya!

svargas05 says:

And THIS is why I'm selling my Evo 4G LTE and getting the Galaxy Note 2 when it comes out...

thechemE#CB says:

I wonder if this would be easy for someone to port over to verizon since they are both cdma

mhmmdy123 says:

I`d never flash my handset, I`m happy with the ICS.. When the JB update comes up I`ll be more happier. to flash it, It`s not worh it, the JB didn`t have much feature from the ICS anyway.

mdmitchell13 says:

Umm... google now

DWR_31 says:

+1 "Umm... Google Now".
+1 "Umm... Google Wallet" too.

Google NFC payments and Google Now on a unlimited data network without having to use a Nexus?


Once you have access to Sprint's LTE Network.

sold my S3 yesterday, overrated in my opinion. I remember getting this phone the first week it came out. Tried getting the new iPhone SOLD OUT everywhere. on back order up to three weeks, put that in your android pipe and smoke it.

badelhas says:

Lol, Troll.

jkwalker says:

not sold out in my area "northern Cal"
Iphone 5 sales are way below exceptions.
you can easily sell your Galaxy S3 on Craigslist because lots of people are selling their iphone 5's and looking for S3's

good luck...

Roffles says:

the phone was probably too advanced for you.