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That's a question many folks have been asking since Jelly Bean was announced at Google I/O 2012 and there really hasn't been a definitive answer to point people to. Now though, we're getting a better look at where the CyanogenMod team will be headed as they've now had some time to sit down, work some stuff out and look at the bigger picture.

As highlighted on the CyanogenMod Google+ page, there was a lot to consider when looking at where to take CyanogenMod. While some stuff will make and easy transition, other things will take a bit more time and as always, ETA's will not be given out. All things noted are subject to change considering the source code for Android 4.1 is not yet available:

  • On Jelly Bean - Unless you have been internet deprived lately, you are aware that Android 4.1 aka Jelly Bean (JB) is due out in the coming weeks. Which inevitably leads to the question: How does this affect me CyanogenMod? Now, to preface this, we do not have our hands on the source code, and things in this post may change dependent on analysis of the code first hand and the impacts. That said, we do have a general understanding of the changes and what we can expect, and this post serves to highlight the key changes.
  • CyanogenMod Next - Many have asked whether JB will be CM9.1 or CM10. Keeping with the pattern thus far, every newly named AOSP update results in a bump to the CM major version. This has the added benefit of fitting into the pattern of [insert codename position in the english alphabet] = CM version. Examples being: G is the 7th letter thus CM7, I is the 9th letter thus CM9 and J = 10.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. No matter how you look at it, all recent versions CyanogenMod will continue to be maintained and improved upon for quite some time. Those looking for a Jelly Bean based version however, now have something to look forward to as time goes on. For now though, the obvious focus is to get stable builds of CM9 out there for folks to enjoy and make use.

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CyanogenMod 10 will be Jelly Bean


Great news. I flashed Vicious Jelly Bean to my Verizon GNex, and it was fun to play with. I flashed back to AOKP Ice Cream Sandwich, though. It just runs a lot more smoothly than the version of JB that's available so far... not to mention the fact that I just can't function without toggles in the notifications menu.

You should try VanirBean, because there's no way I could go back to ICS after how vastly improved JellyBean is over ICS. It's way smoother.

I can't tell you how many times i've read that someone has flashed JB, stuck with it for a bit, then flashed back to their respective ROMS. (mine is AOKP)I'm too lazy for that. I'm going to wait for an incorporation. Stock is just too boring for me (and apparently many others). I LOVE ANDROID!!

Wait so what version number CMs next release is worth a news item?

How about they make ICS stable first for most devices. Nightlys still too buggy for me.

Damn dude. That's a little pushy for shit you get for free. If you think the nightly are too buggy maybe you should switch back to stock. Or hey, why don't you just create your own rom from source. I bet it'll be bug free....

Just try and sound a little more grateful. The CM devs put in an amazing amount of effort making CM.

For the record, I'm running CM9 RC1 on my HTC Sensation/pyramid, and apart from a few tiny, tiny niggly bugs, it's perfect.

Without question CyanogenMod developers has being in the top on Android OS, but I don't known why something always doesn't work, being CM pure Android and loyal supporting Google OS, they should be able to have the full source in order to build and enhance GB, ICS or JB onto our phones. I recall when I had the Droid Incredible they took so long to make it work, but they Did it, so when CM got it ready we as well were ready for a new phone upgrade.

I tried the JB ROM from ACS on my Sprint GNex for a while but went back to the Black Ice ROM. It was fun while it lasted but I'm a creature of habbit and like using Apex Launcher (which doesn't work on JB). Double-tapping the screen to get to the menu is magical and like eahinrichsen, I like having toggles in the drop-down menu.