Jelly Bean Keyboard

So you're all psyched about using the new fast keyboard in Jelly Bean, and digging the predictive text feature. But after a while, if you're like me, you realize that things went much smoother when you had all your punctuation options in your selection bar after typing a word instead of a guess for the next word. Predictive text is cool, but different strokes for different folks, right? Here's an easy fix from martonikaj in the Jelly Bean forums.

Buried deep in the settings (deeper than I cared to look the first time around) you can shut predictive text off, and still have word correction while typing, but when you hit the spacebar, you get your missing exclamation point and all the rest of your punctuation back up there where it always used to be. 

If this fits your typing style better than predictive text, hit the forums link below and have a look. Be sure to tell martonikaj thanks while you're at it!

[How To] Remove Predictive Text and Bring Back Punctuation


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Jelly Bean keyboard: get your quick punctuation keys back [from the forums]


THANK THE LORD. I downloaded a port of the ICS keyboard just to get this feature back. I'm glad I can now go back to using the JB keyboard and still have this feature.

I dunno... I'm pretty stuck on GO Keyboard (with midnight theme). I find that the slightly larger keys along with long-press for most of the punctuation (like long press for numbers) makes it a better fit for my fingers. Maybe I'll give it a shot though.

Exactly but I love my phone completely stock, pure, with my selected apps on my GNex. However I do use APEX. Using Swiftkey has been the best keyboard ever but I still miss using Googles keyboard. Sop I am going to give the JB Keyboard a try and hopefully it can bring me back.

Do you only get one or the other on a jelly bean rom too or is this something we have to deal with because we r trying to get this working on is? Seems lame that I would have to choose one or the other.

One or the other. The bar at the top of the keyboard either shows next word prediction, or it shows punctuation. You'd need 2 bars above the keyboard if you wanted to have both, which likely would just take up too much room.

Yeah, this was the first thing I disabled when I got JB. The predicted typing is nice but I need my quick punctuation more...

Its far too early to say this, but this is how companies lose market share and others swoop into take dominance.

Google's updates have included removing the search key, menu key, and now getting rid of punctuation to name a few things. Phones are shipping with non-removable batteries and micro-SD cards.

Where was the consumer demand for any of these things? I love having all of these things and its one of the reasons why I chose an Android phone over an IPhone.

Its ridiculous. I won't upgrade past a Samsung Galaxy S2 rooted and running custom ROM's until Android phones stop taking features away I use.

Removing the Search and Menu key is for the benefit of improving the User Experience in Android. They replaced the Search key with a persistent widget (and swipe up from home for Google Now). They replaced the Menu key with overflow buttons and bringing UI elements into the foreground, for simplicity and clarity of actions.

They didn't get rid of punctuation. They gave you the option of using a long press on the "period" key + predictive text, or removing predictive text to get punctuation back in the top bar. Not to mention that you can choose one of dozens of third party keyboards in the Play Store if you don't like the stock keyboard. You have the choice.

Phones shipping with non-removable batteries and all-internal storage give better form factors (design and thinness) and battery capacity. Things that people want. But remember, there are options with other OEMs that have removable SDcards and batteries if you want that sort of thing. You can choose the device that has the features you want, and buy that. No one is forcing anyone to buy anything or manufacture specific devices. Its all consumer demands.

I don't really get your arguments. It seems like you're complaining because things are changing, even though you're no worse off from the changes. Buy and use the phone that you want with the features you want.

It's not that hard to understand. More and more phones are shipping with less buttons, with non-removable batteries and SD cards. Its where Android is heading. Its style over substance.

With the fragmentation of the system, some developers do follow putting a search feature and menu dots in an app, some don't.

"No one is forcing" line of reasoning is a bogus argument.

Consumer demand? Where? Show me.

Especially show me where the consumer demand was to hide punctuation.

You're ignoring the problems facing the platform.

People want slim phones with larger batteries and simpler storage. They want better design. These things lead to OEMs choosing form over function and sealing battery/storage compartments. If people didn't like them they wouldn't buy them. Demand drives all of these decisions OEMs make. They design things that people want.

App fragmentation with devs that don't update to use Holo guidelines isn't Google's fault, and its not a reason for Google to sit back and keep using Menu and Search hard keys. If they want to advance the platform in a way that they think is beneficial from a User Experience standpoint, they've gotta lead by example and that's what they do with the Nexus and their own Google Applications.

Again, no one is forcing you to buy any phone you don't like. If you don't think you're capable of making the tradeoff and really don't want to give up a feature, then somewhere in the Android world you can find a device with the feature you want.

Google didn't "hide punctuation". They just brought predictive text to the foreground. I think its pretty easy to see where the consumer demand is for keyboards on Android. EVERYONE is looking at things like Swift Key and Swype. They love features like predictive text, and Google responded. Now the key point again here is that Google provided a new feature, but didn't take away the old one. As I point out here, you can simply turn off predictive text and use the keyboard the way you want it. Its one of a dozen different settings you can tweak to customize the stock 4.1 keyboard. Not to mention that if those dozen settings aren't enough, you can go download SwiftKey, Swype, or a dozen other keyboards.

I think you are generally dead-on here with your response. Certainly consumer demand is what is driving most of these changes, however I think that argument falls apart when we are talking about the non-removable batteries and the lack of SD car slots.

Allow me to explain what I mean; When we are talking about changes like the loss of the hardware menu buttons and the virtual keyboard changes, I do think that is dirven directly by consumer desire. Consumers have clearly said that they don't want hardware buttons and they want different keyboards with predictive text (phones with less buttons sell more and virtual keyboards are always hot sellers).

However, when we are talking about non-removable batteries and missing SD card slots, it's not that consumers don't want those features, they clearly do (ask anyone. They either want removable batteries and a SD card slot, or have no opinion at all. There is no push to drop these features.)

What we see is an "engineering solution" to a marketing problem. Marketers think people want super-thin and super-light phones, and the Engineers are saying; "Ok, but the only way we can get there is to drop the fat SD card slot and to use integrated batteries." The marketers don't care, they just want to be able to tout the next super-thin, super-light phone. So we start seeing a trend towards phones with those features removed.

Personally, I think the marketers are wrong. There is a point at which "super-thin and super-light" become "fragile and flimsy". I suspect that we are reaching that point fairly soon.

The best thing for us as Android users to do to fight the trend is to vote with our dollars. Only buy phones with these features available, and make sure that everyone you know does too.

I actually enjoy it very much. Really smooth on my ATT HOX. I prefer it over the stock HTC keyboard for sure as it is a lot smaller so i can reach the keys much easier. Loving it. I'm sure the predictive text will pick up on how I type as well. And the whole punctuation thing is not a big deal. You hold the period key for a split second and they all pop up.