Jelly Bean for the Droid RAZR HD/MAXX

With the official 'heads up' having arrived last week, Droid RAZR HD and Droid RAZR HD MAXX owners can now delight in the wonder that is Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. By now, we're sure you are all aware of the enhancements that come with it but just in case you're not, Motorola has outlined a few of the finer additions on the blog:

  • Google Now – Shouldn’t your phone be able to anticipate what you’ll need throughout your day? With Google Now, you get answers before you even have to ask. Real-time notifications let you know whether you should pack an umbrella for later in the day or if you need to grab the train to avoid the accident that’s backing up I-495. Plus, you’ll receive the score of your favorite team’s game from last night. Though Google Now can’t make your morning coffee, it will provide you the convenience you want to keep you one step ahead.
  • Voice Search – Want a voice-search experience that doesn’t only work in TV ads? Google Voice Search on Android™ 4.1 lets you speak your questions directly into your phone. Run a quick search that will give you everything from great Italian restaurants on the Lower East Side to the next train leaving from Clark and Lake. And if you want to test Google Voice Search’s foreign language skills, go ahead. It currently supports 34 languages from around the globe.
  • Richer Notifications – Its always good to see a missed call or new email notification, but wouldn’t you rather just take action? With Android™ 4.1, now you can. You just received a meeting reminder and know your call is running long. No problem, you can tap once to email the team that you’ll be there in a few minutes. Missed calls can be returned with a single tap, all right from the notification shade.

There are plenty of bug fixes in place plus, the preloaded Color application has been removed only to be replaced by the Amazon suite of apps, same as what we've seen on the Droid DNA. If you've not grabbed the update yet, go ahead and check for updates. If you have, make sure you stop by the Android Central forums and let us know how things are going for you.

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Jelly Bean begins pushing for the Droid RAZR HD/MAXX


And chalk another phone up that has the jelly bean update before the EvoLte.......come on Sprint/HTC man up and get it done!

I just sold one at my store to a customer the other day and JB updated here in the store for them once it was activated.

Another phone with Jelly Bean while the GS3 from ATT get No love. The top carriers of the nation lagging behind everyone else. It's embarrassing and unacceptable. Next phone will be straight from Google or ill go back to Apple

Its almost the same darn phone maybe the screen is different but that it and also the writers need to stop putting Razr Maxx by its self in the title. Its Razr Maxx HD not Razr Maxx.

Whaaa? Same phone? maybe in looks but nothing else, Original: OMAP 4, qHD, PowerVR GPU, different radios... New: Snapdragon S4, HD, Adreno GPU, new baseband... they are completely different except for 1GB RAM.

The Original was much closer to the Galaxy Nexus (both OMAP 4) and the MAXX HD is much closer to the GS3 (both S4)

The HD is much different. Cortex-A9 vs Krait, 45nm vs 28nm, and integrated radio's. These, along with the differences mentioned by others, are huge differences and also why the HD has better battery life than the non-HD.

Hey, you were happily using ICS for 6 months while I was still using my Droid X on Gingerbread - plus you already had LTE and awesome battery life. Don't be too mad.

For those that keep doing the manual 'check for update' (like I have been)...

In the forums here, Ry tipped off that you can't pull the update manually yet.

Moto confirms (from ): The current upgrade will be delivered to users on a rolling basis with the availability to manually update your device coming soon.

So...I finally made the jump to Android this past November and went with the HD Maxx. I understand the whole rolling updates thing and that not everyone with any one device gets it at the same time even when it's released for the device. But, how long do these "phases" last? Like, if JB was released today for my device, what's the longest conceivable time I have to wait to actually get it? Maybe a couple days? Or will I definitely get it tomorrow if I didn't get it today? Just wondering...

thanks for the heads up as i was hitting "system updates" about every 5 minutes. you think there is anything we can do, other than sit and wait?

Damn Verizon, you really know how to give it to your customers. Really? Seeing the S3 being updated on other carriers and seeing that you're not releasing updates for phones you released BEFORE these new DROID phones? Come on...