Jawbone UP24

The Android wearables market isn't going to shrink anytime soon, and in fact today it got a great new addition with the Jawbone UP24. The $149 bracelet has been around for a few months but shunned the world's most popular operating system until today. 

So what's it do? Oh, just track your physical activity and sleep patterns, set alarms and reminders to get you to move, log your food and drink intake and get tips on how to improve your existence. And it does it all in one of the smaller, more comfortable form factors available.

If you've got a Jawbone UP24, you can snag the new Android app (never mind the date on the app listing) at the link above. For more on the Jawbone UP24, hit the link below.

Source: Jawbone press release (pdf); More: Jawbone

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benurd says:

OK jawbone tried it with that December 13, 2013 date tho lol. I'm guessing they'll fix that soon

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yankeesusa says:

It sounds like a great gadget. But at $129 I don't think it's viable. Although the health industry is a big money maker.

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grydlok says:

I wanted one before but now I waiting to see some reviews on the gear fit. So until then I will keep my fitbit flex

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frettfreak says:

I am interested in the gear fit too, I am not buying this one out of principle though. Shun my os of choice, I will Shun your product. Maybe next time.

bumpandrun says:


masterxchief says:

Its 149. The gen 2 up band is 129

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AOSPrevails says:

With Fitbit Force($130) out of the picture for a while due to the recall, I think they can sell pretty well @ $149 for the time being.

cmandd says:

It's good to note that everyone gets the benefits of the new app, but to use the UP24 and bluetooth sync, you have to have 4.3 or higher. So I will stick to the UP 2nd gen, and probably skip the 24 in favor of the LG Lifeband Touch.

AeonZeroX says:

Umm why would you skip the new one if it requires 4.3 or higher? Most phones at this point have Jellybean and above unless your rocking some old Android phone lol.

cmandd says:

The G2 on Sprint is still on 4.2. By the time it is updated, the LifeBand should be out.

masterxchief says:

I'm curious, have you had to replace your band? If so, how many times? I've had to have my gen 2 replaced 10 times now due to battery issues.

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cmandd says:

I've replaced it twice. Once it went DOA, the other was batter life issues.

caseyatbt says:

Twice here. But they replaced them quickly.

eahinrichsen says:

Can anybody who has one of these comment on how adjustable the fit is? I've been wanting to get my girlfriend a fitness tracking wearable, but she has wrists like a bird, and I'm concerned about buying one without being able to handle it in person.

AeonZeroX says:

Well the smallest band for the UP anyway is really small in size. If you visit the site it gives you an idea of how tiny the small is, but you can measure it with a piece of string and find out. Honestly it clamps around your wrist so there isn't a lot of wiggle and it generally stays in place. Had mine for the past year and the band works fine. I kind of want to upgrade for the wireless sync capability since trying the Fitbit Force and having that was very convenient.

eahinrichsen says:

Thank you! That's really helpful.

That Funk says:

The packaging for the band has a flap on the front with a wrist cut out to give you an idea of the sizes. I would error on the small side; too lbig was a bit annoying how it shifted around. Find the closest retailer and try it out.

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cmandd says:

It's not adjustable. The package has a piece of plastic to "try it out". If her wrists are that small, the small size is most definite.

I just ordered one today!