Verizon Twitter

What? Who hasn't had their Twitter account hijacked? What other problem were you thinking about?

FWIW: Verizon seems to be master of its own Twitter domain again, saying "Attention everyone: yes our account was compromised. Please disregard those inappropriate tweets, we are in the process of fixing now."

Carry on, folks. Thanks, Shaun!

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dblaneyfan says:

Would have been an awesome tweet if it linked to the Samsung Note.

eahinrichsen says:

Damn you, you beat me to it. :-)

themuffinman says:

That would have been so epic on every scale.

Murph5150 says:

With ICS, men on average gain an extra 2"

Premium1 says:

Ha Verizon.

n25philly says:

Now the extra inches are carrier exclusive? These deals need to stop

whartpence says:

Screen envy?

ChaosKiller says:

Hmm I've never had that problem :)

codeweasel says:

"Can you feel it now? Good!"

the mozz says:

Can you imagine a tiered plan? Haha..what would happen if you went over your cap? lmao

metalmessiah says:

The worst thing about this post is the Blur UI.