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There were quite a few people this week who let us know that it was their first time checking out the Android Central Podcast, or that they were lapsed listeners making their way back. And we just wanted to take a minute here on this fine Monday to say thanks! You're the reason we take a few hours out of the end of our week to gab about the latest in Android news. And if you have the opportunity to catch the show live, we answer your questions on the fly, without a net. And it gets a little exciting.

So as we close in on our 200th episode, again, thanks! And we'll see you all again this Friday.

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Reader comments

It's a good time to try out a new podcast — and we just happen to have one!


Yoo Phil.... Thanx for the great work... From South Africa... Wish you guys could have a competition for us folk over here...

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As someone who would rather listen to podcasts than music, thank you for taking the time to put one together. You make rush hour commutes more bearable.

So, slightly off topic - ungraded to KitKat this week to find out to my dismay that my favourite podcast app wasn't compatible. Suggestions for a replacement to help my get my Android Central podcast fix (and a few other pods) - Pocket Casts?

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Sorry I use to be an iPhone user and I would get my podcast thru iTunes, how do I do this on my moto g? Thanks

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totally welcome and thank you guys. the podcast is a highlight in my week. always entertaining and informative.

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