We hate to remind you of this, but it may be time to start thinking about filing your taxes. April may seem so far away, but there's no downside to thinking about these things early. If you're thinking about starting to prepare for filing your taxes, a good place to start is probably the IRS2Go app, which is published by the IRS to help Americans get through the much-bemoaned task.

Read on past the break for a quick look at what the IRS2Go app has to offer this year.

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The UI of IRS2Go is about as simple as it can get, with just a handful of options on the main screen that can help you along with your taxes. Likely the most useful portions of the app are at the top and bottom of the list, where you'll find a button to get your refund status and contact the IRS if you have questions. When you go to get your refund status, you'll get a quick page to enter your information the exact same as you would on the website. It returns a single page with the status of your refund.

The "Get My Tax Record" link will offer a similar form and similar results to the current return check, but simply for older returns. Using the "Contact Us" link gives a good bit of information as to the time and days that live help is available, along with the phone numbers to call for each department. You can just tap "call now" and the app opens your phone's dialer with the number in it, which is nice.

Android Central Android Central

Unfortunately, most of the other buttons just push you out to web pages, all with questionably useful information. Because we probably don't expect many people will be doing too much more with their taxes on their phones other than checking a refund status or contacting the IRS, we can almost give this a pass.

The IRS2Go app is useful, albeit a bit ugly, and does what you want an app from the IRS to do -- give you quick access to your refund status and information about how to contact them. As long as it can accomplish those things without perpetually crashing, it's hard to expect much more than what's given here.


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IRS2Go: gets the job done, but doesn't look very good doing it


I did my taxes back in January. I don't see how some people (my dad) wait until the last minute to start them, and then end up filing for an extension. Oh, and Tax Slayer FTW!!!

Somehow, it takes my various banks until mid-February to get me 1099s for interest they paid me on savings accounts (college fund for the kid, etc.). It would be nice to be able to file in January.

But I used this IRS app last year for like 10 seconds and saw that it isn't very useful. It is basically a tracking app for your refund with links to stuff you can easily find on their website anyway. I was expecting "what's new" type info - new deductions, new lines on the form, etc. or at least instructions for filling out form 1040, since they killed the paper instructions. Nope.

Yeah, I hate apps that only exist to link to websites. I only have one bank, and the small amount of interest isn't enough to make me wait for the 1099. So, as soon as I see the W2,I get right to it. However, I had to wait until the 6th of this month to get the direct deposit. I hope you get a great return!!!

You filed your taxes early probably because you have a simple tax return(probably just a w-2) and you anticipate getting a tax refund. Other people who have more complicated tax returns, which will include a lot more tax forms and supporting documents rather than just a 1040ez/1040a, will require more time to get it prepared accurately.

Spot on. However, my dad would wait until the last minute because he hated doing them lol. In the future, I will have to wait awhile longer: I just try to take advantage of the simplicity right now.

It's been illustrated that those who file returns under extension are less likely to be "randomly" (ha-ha) chosen for audit than those who file on time. Use that information however you like.

Doesn't look good doing it? That's how you know it's legit, isn't it? Would you trust it if it was well designed?