Iridium GO!

Satellite communications company Iridium today announced Iridium GO!, a portable hotspot that runs from the heavens down to your Android or iOS smartphone. While larger than your traditional Wifi hotspot, GO! is just 4.5 by 3.25 b 1.25 inches and weighs 10.4 ounces. You can mount it externally — remember that it'll need line-of-sight to the satellites — but it's not meant to be a permanent outdoor solution.

Voice and data are routed through the Iridium GO! app. You'll get about 4 hours' talk time, the company says. It's not a dumb data pipe — again, things have to be routed through the app — but Iridium will have an SDK for developers to tie into. Initial partners include:

  • OCENS – Transforming GRIB and classical weather, ocean and fishing data into interactive decision tools
  • Global Marine Networks (GMN) – Optimized email services for maritime use
  • Satcom Direct – Mobile applications that enable connectivity for passengers while in flight
  • Appareo Systems – Engineering and manufacturing of electronics, software and data communications solutions for aviation and agriculture
  • DeLorme – Communication, information, and safety applications
  • AIRSIS – Solutions for the energy and transportation industries
  • JouBeh Technologies – Innovative Iridium OEM hardware and software solutions provider for various applications

This isn't a product for most of us. And while price wasn't announced, expect it to be around the $800 range. But for those who need satellite communications, it's going to be a great option.

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This is all I can think of with that name.

djeborn says:

+1 Haha!

New tool for International Criminals....
and James Bond

icebike says:

Or fishing fleet.

But its a miserable platform for data or voice.

And the monthly minutes are pretty much out of reach.

tiny_hands says:

Why does it require an app? Is Iridium still unsure whether wifi will catch on?

So what's the use for this device? To cover me in areas where I get no cell coverage like when camping or whatever???

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RETG says:

Yes, however, I will continue with my Iridium 9555. When you live in the western states, it is amazing how much land has NO cell phone service.