invisible shield full body for HTC One x

You bought the HTC One X because of its looks and you don’t want to cover it up in a case.


If you don’t want to put it in a case but you want to protect it from getting scratched, look into the invisibleSHIELD Full Body protective film.

Protective films aren’t new, but they do offer another way of protecting your smartphone. As long as you realize that a protective film won’t protect against drops and hard hits to the phone – it is worth considering if your main concern is scratching your phone.

InvisibleSHIELD Full Body

InvisibleSHIELD claims to have its origins in the military, protecting helicopter blades from dirt, dust and debris. The bottom line is that this stuff is tough.

What’s included

what's included

The InvisibleSHIELD Full Body is packaged in a very thoughtful and helpful manner.  Everything you need is in the box including:

  • The invisibleSHIELD
  • Application solution
  • Squeegee (to get out the bubbles)
  • Lint free cloth
  • Directions

It is worth noting that it is ONLY the front and the back that are protected- not the sides.


It is worth noting that you should allow a bit of time (15 minutes to half an hour) to do this right.  It is a bit painstaking to install and may take a few tries to get everything lined up correctly.

invisibleSHIELD recommends that you wash your hands and then wet your fingertips with the application solution (so you don’t get fingerprints on the film.) From there, you gently remove the film from the sheet on which it is attached and you moisten front and back with the application solution. I was a little reluctant to moisten the side going on the phone – but that’s what it said to do.

The tricky part of installation was lining up the holes and cutouts in the invisibleSHIELD with the HTC One X.  On the back, I tried to center the cutout for the camera and flash and used them as my guides. I didn’t realize that there were small cutouts for the speaker and POGO pins, so I had to remove the shield, unstick those cutouts (which were now on the phone) and then reapply it.

installation not complete

Once the shield is in place, you use the included squeegee to try to move out the air bubbles and smooth it out.  Any excess moisture is wiped up with the included cloth.

almost completely installed

Attention to Detail

The InvisibleSHIELD Full Body certainly has every cutout and every port taken into consideration.  The idea is that once this is applied, it stays there and can be used with any accessory (including charging cradles and cases.)

The packaging was great, the instructions were very clearly laid out and everything needed was included.

The wrap up

The InvisibleSHIELD Full Body does what it says – it covers the entirely of the HTC One X and seems to offer good protection against scratches and scrapes. That being said, what you lose with this case is the feel of the polycarbonate body on the One X – which is why I love this phone so much.  I certainly get covering the screen and think that is a great idea – covering the body on this phone gave what was a premium feel somewhat of a plastic like feel.  I did feel better about putting my phone in my pocket – even if I did have spare change or something that could scratch the phone.

The good

  • Great packaging
  • Very good instructions
  • Protects against scratches quite well

The bad

  • Only covers the back and the front – not the sides
  • Time consuming to install correctly 

The verdict

The invisibleSHIELD Full Body protective film is a compromise; it is a way of protecting your device from scratches without having to “hide” your very cool looking HTC One X in a case.  It won’t protect from a fall or hard bang, but it  does protect from scratches and keeps your phone looking  “like new.”

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Reader comments

InvisibleSHIELD Full Body for HTC One X review


What about pocket lint sticking to the edges of the film? Did you experience that?

Is it sorta sticky feeling?

I had this and it get really dirty quickly which, on a white phone, is noticeable. I have a desk job so I can only imagine if a construction worker used this skin.

Thanks for the info. There was some good stuff in here, but post install pictures and a before an after video (and also an install video) would have made this a much better review.

Not a fan of zagg invisible shield. After a while it starts to discolor and peel up. I would recommend gadget guard next time.

These things are all crap. They seem nice, but very soon after using them they will start to peel, get dirt in them, turn yellowish in color, etc. If you just use it on the screen you'll be good for a while, but the body/back covers just aren't worth the hassle since they don't last very long.

I have used this with my old BB's and you wouldn't want the sides covered as not only is it a biotcch to do but the sides always peeled off first..

I work for Best Buy Mobile and one important detail I think you forgot to mention (unless I missed it) is that most of these shields come with a lifetime warranty through Zagg. A very important detail to not mention. I sell these and use them myself and on a few occasions I've had to order a free replacement to replace one that got discolored or started to peel. Thought I'd mention that.

I bought a Zagg HD screen protector for my Galaxy S3 and it is good as a screen protector, but it was difficult for me to apply. I had to remove it 2-3 times before I got it right. But once I did get it on, it looks pretty god. I did end up with a piece of dirt or something under it, but it is not on the display itself so it doesn't bother me too much. There is some orange peel effect if you hold it at the right angle, but not too bad otherwise. I'm not thrilled with it, but its doing the job.

I'm not sure why Best Skins Ever doesn't get more press/coverage on sites. I have used them before and I'm a big fan. (I tried Zagg this time because of all the hype about them but I'm not overly impressed.) Best Skins Ever makes a great product, they are incredibly inexpensive, and they work well. I got an email from them today saying their skins are improved, and all are on sale through Aug 8. They are already much cheaper than Zagg, so you can buy a few for what 1 Zagg will cost. And you can buy just the screen, or just the body, or both together. I will definitely be picking up the full body for my S3. The reviewer mentioned the packaging of the Zagg as a plus; BSE doesn't have fancy packaging, but I don't really care about that as long as the product works! One drawback of the BSE is they don't include the solution to apply the skin, but they provide instructions and really it's pretty easy. Application will be a little tedious (true with any of these skins), but if you are patient, it will be worth it. And don't be too quick to judge, the appearance will get better after 12-24 hours; I've noticed that with both BSE and Zagg.

And no I am in no way affiliated with BSE, I just like their products and don't think they get enough "press"

Why didn't you take off the grey sticker on the back of the One X with the the IMEI?! looks ugly. Anyway,i had a guy put the Ghost Armor on my One X and on the back he put a matte cover on. It looks extremely slick and keeps the nasty smudges off the back of my phone. Highly recommended.