Introducing Mobile Nations

Greetings Android Nation!

This past summer we soft-launched "Mobile Nations", initially using the name for our cross-site podcast that brings together the heads of state from AndroidCentral, CrackBerry, TiPb, PreCentral and WPCentral for discussion on all things mobile.

Today I have the pleasure of more formally introducing Mobile Nations as our new network brand, creating an umbrella under which all of our individual communities stand united. Take note of the new Mobile Nations top bar and footer on this site!

Though our history in operating the leading mobile-platform dedicated websites reaches back over a decade to the launch of VisorCentral in 1999, it feels like we are in start-up mode again, making aggressive plans and tackling our to-do lists with gusto. Forum regulars will have already noticed a number of recently introduced feature enhancements and podcast fans are now able to watch replays of their favorite shows in video. Over the weeks and months ahead you'll see us pull the trigger on a number of other Mobile Nations initiatives currently in the works, all aimed at making your experiences on all of our communities even more engaging and fun.

Thanks for being part of the journey,

Kevin Michaluk


Reader comments

Introducing Mobile Nations, our new community network brand!


(disclaimer: I work in IT for Nationwide)

After looking over the logos from here, Nationwide, and National Geographic, the Mobile Nations logo is like a hybrid in shape of Nationwide and National Geographic. It has the extended border at the bottom of the logo like Nationwide, but the shape inside is still a rectangle like National Geographic (Nationwide's logo is more square-like in the middle).

Agreed. This site seems to be going down the same path as others, trying to be all things to all people. It's not bad to have sites for each different group, but trying to combine them is a stupid idea IMO. I can't speak for others authoritatively, but if I am on an Android blog, I have precisely zero interest in Apple/iOS, WP7, HP/PreOS, or BB.

Keep each site dedicated to their platform of choice and DO IT WELL. Quit trying to be all things to all people - there are way too many sites that already try to do that, and none do it well at all. Do you want to be known as a brand that does nothing especially well?

Yeah if it means a better Android Central then cool. But I don't care about RIM, Apple, Windows, or WebOS. Not much of a fan of the Mobile Nations podcast either.

Oh, come on, Crackberry can see the writing on the wall of his sinking ship and has to have something to cling to to in the rising Android tide.

i understand u, but you're being a little short-sighted here.. i know u only care about android but it's sometimes ok to see what the competitors are doing and just get an idea of the big picture. that's how android gets better, with competition and knowledge of other platforms.
this is exactly what iOS fanboys and haters do... reject all other platforms.. no need to do that here.

but i dunno what ur complaining about here. they just made Mobile Nations official and Kevin made 1 post and u'r all going crazy... why? i doubt u'll see BB and iphone news on AC... and mobile nations podcast is great. so relax man.

It's not that I mind the insightful posts about the other platforms. It's the fact that most of those posts tend to be just advertisements. They don't offer the opinion of an Android user on what the others are doing. It's just a "Hey! Head over to tipb to find out what fruity thing apple is up to now!"

And yes, Smartphone Experts has every right to do that since it's their site, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. I don't like my news to be spoon-fed to me. I'm adult enough to type in the other urls myself.

Agreed! I'm not opposed to interesting news about other platforms, but when I'm here, I'm in Android mode. Not Apple mode. If I want Apple news, I know they run TIPB, and I know how to visit it.

I hope this effort will also include a MUCH MUCH better Android app. Your app, in its current form, is absolute garbage. The Engadget app (as an example of what I'm looking for in a tech blog app) runs circles around your offering. It has no ads. It packs a lot more content into a limited space cohesively. It has native support for picture galleries and videos used in posts. It has full access to the comments section of posts. The AC app has NONE of this. Shape up.

Can you give up some details, and perhaps open up a forum and polls about what we do and do not want to see in this new app? User input and all..

Hope you don't catch flack but your logo looks like Nationwide Insurance...along with the word nation next to it. It was the first thing I thought about.

Good for you guys. I was starting to get confused with this thing of using "Mobile Nation" for some things and "Smartphone Experts" for others.

Has Mobile Nations been doing the last few podcasts for AC? When I go to the youtube channel to see prior podcasts all I see is Monday Briefs, Mobile Nations, and all of Rene's iWhatever podcasts. Where's the love for us?

As a webOS user, soon to be Android user, and owner of an iPod Touch (plus the wife has an iPhone 4), I'm glad that Mobile Nations exists.

Glad to see Kevin is Chief whatever there. He seemed like a cool guy - even took the time to respond directly to his readers via email a few years ago.

Best wishes, Kevin!

Maybe I've been in corporate america for too long, but I'd love to see a Mobile Nations org chart with everyone's titles and reports-to organization structure. For example, I think it's very interesting that Kevin (chief at CrackBerry) is also the Mobile Nations Chief Media Officer. Makes me wonder what other people have dual duties and who reports to who.


But maybe it's just me.

The coup was completely unanticipated by Smartphone Experts Ruling Junta, currently in hiding. The SPE Ruling Junta issued a statement:

We denounce the unholy attack on our sovereign websites by the western usurpers! The Junta will fight to the very last byte! Traitors will be dealt with via spam (both electronic and canned) - this means you, Stiffler-Dean! Prepare yourselves for a deluge of forwarded adorable pictures of kittens, lucky unicorn themed chain letters and announcements from your long lost relatives in Africa that you have inherited US1.5 million dollars!

Wow, looks like I've been following you guys much longer than I thought. I thought I started with Crackberry; As much as I hate to admit it, I had a Visor back in the day.

Wow, looks like I've been following you guys much longer than I thought. I thought I started with Crackberry; As much as I hate to admit it, I had a Visor back in the day.