Motorola Devour launch

It was just a day ago that we started hearing whispers of the Motorola Devour launching on Feb. 25. And now there's some documentation to back that up. The Boy Genius Report scored these slides that show the Devour -- aka the Calgary -- first hitting indirect channels (aka authorized distributors) before month's end, and then everywhere else March 15.

No official word on pricing, though BGR's been told they're looking at $99 after the usual contract and rebates. [BGR]

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Akamu24 says:

So it this just Motorola's supped up version of the Quickfire? Looks nearly identical.

victoria says:

I say flood the market with Android. The more phone styles there are the more niche markets Android will saturate, the wider the user base = the better the apps! I’m very happy with the Droid hardware wise. There’s always room for improvement with any piece of technology, but overall very pleased. Now I’m just getting excited watching the Market grow, the apps getting more solid, and the app options becoming more high calibur.

Seeing Moto Devour landing on sub-100 will be sweet. Details:

PortareAF says:

Don't do it! you'll never be updated to 2.+ EVER!!!

NickF227 says:

Hm, now I wish I waited to get a new phone, its nice. I like social media...Just in time for my bday too.

MissMe says:

This device reads Sidekick to me. I know the specs are way better but I can't get that out of my head.

Lil Weyn says:

Hey, where can I get those Phone and Contact buttons next to the App drawer on the desktop? I need them!