So you took advantage of one of the various fire sales and picked up an HP TouchPad. Cool -- when the price is right it's a great tool and a great toy to play with. We know a good many of you guys grabbed one with the full intention of installing Android on the thing, specifically CyanogenMod. We also know it's a good bit different than flashing a zip file through recovery, and not the most user-friendly operation in the world.

The folks over at webOS Nation are here to help. Ryan has gathered all the required tools and information to help you get 'er done, and has one heck of a detailed walk through ready for you to read, read again, ask questions, then try. We know sometimes just listing the steps isn't good enough, and Ryan takes the time to lay it all out and tell you what's going on, which is always a great way to handle tutorials when they have steps that could ruin your hardware.

If you're ready to ditch webOS and install some Ice Cream Sandwich on your TouchPad, give it a look. Those fellows over at webOS Nation know their stuff.

Source: How to install CyanogenMod 9 Android on your TouchPad


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How to install CyanogenMod 9 on your TouchPad - in plain English


Did this to my Touchpad a couple days ago. Surprised how much faster ICS on the touchpad is than webOS! Most of my android apps work fine, there are some minor issues, but so far so good. Highly recommended for any touchpad owner.

Just a few months late with this article. I guess its a slow news day cause most people have been running CM9 on the touchpad for a while now.

" cause most people have been running CM9 on the touchpad".
Speaking just for yourself, eh?

Articles like these are actually a good idea. A lot of people still aren't aware that you can do this, and maybe they stumble across this article while looking up something for their Android phone.

Also, the steps to install CM9 have been changed and refined several times since the first Alpha dropped. It's always good to have an up-to-date look at the most painless way to get Android onto your Touchpad.

Hey Jerry,
You should check out a series of posts that are on XDA and RW by a guy name reverendkjr. He made a bunch of video walkthroughs on how to install and all that. Might be interesting for you to check it out. Alot of newbies claim that it was very effective and easy to follow through.

Forgive me for sounding a little negative... but I find it very surprising that Android Central approves of this.

All the people who went out and got a Blackberry playbook or HP Touchpad (with the intention of installing android) completely failed to support the actual manufacturers of android products.

This certainly isn't piracy... but it has the exact same effect. In an effort to save money yourself, you're hurting the companies who will actually keep manufacturing the products we want in the future.

Anyways, food for thought I suppose. But if you're a fan of android and own an hp touchpad, don't complain when you have to listen to Apple fans gloating about how much better the iPad is doing in sales. You're definitely a part of that problem!

You clearly don't understand how READING works. I said that buying an HP or BB tablet instead of just buying an Android tablet doesn't support android device MANUFACTURERS.

As if I didn't make that obvious enough with the last section of my first post either. What did you do? Read 8 words selected at random and then try to guess what the rest of it said?

Oh and btw... thanks for including "the OS" in brackets there. I thought Android was a new tennis game for the sega saturn.

FYI...a few people have indicated that the low battery warning has been less than sufficient when running ICS for whatever reason. Just a precautionary warning to not let it get too close to powering down to where it can cause a failure to recharge/reboot.

I originally bought a touchpad strictly for Webos (I also had a Pre 2 at the time) but since then I've made the switch to Android. So, for the last 4 months I've been running either CM7, MIUI, AOKP, and now CM9. it's nice to still be able to boot into Webos every now and again but, I find myself doing it less and less. Especially since CM9 is now so stable and there are almost no problems at all anymore. I can't believe how much faster Android is than the actual OS that was made for the Touchpad. ..........Oh, and just an added point. Once you go through the initial steps for installing Android the first time, after that if you want to install a different version. It's as easy as flashing a ROM in CW Recovery, just like you would on any other rooted phone or tablet

I don't want to sound like an idiot...but where can you even find the necessary files to install the CM9 for the touchpad?? I was able to download the novacom installer, but the rest of the files I need always come up saying files no longer found on the site.

Any help in pointing me in the right path for these files would be greatly appreciated!! thanks.