Just a quick heads-up, folks, to let you know that you can now hide the Superfooter at the bottom of the page. Just click the little tab we've highlighted in the image above, shout "Be gone, Superfooter!" (really, you have to shout it, otherwise it won't work), and the Superfooter shall disappear forever. Or at least until you click the button again and shout "Superfooter, appear!"


Reader comments

Inside baseball: You can now hide the Superfooter


Same here. The first full page goes away; unfortunately, the second half, a full page of links to sites I don't care about, is still here.

On the View Comments page, it's even sillier. Approximately one page of content, and another approx. ten pages of ads and the aforementioned page of irrelevant links.

Yeah same on my end. I'm not bitching about it though. It doesn't bother me and I know the ads are a necessary evil, but to me disappear means gone, not shrunk. Maybe it's glitching?

The super footer doesn't contain ads, its just internal links to other site items, or other SPE sites.

The ads still come even with super-footer turned off, which is fine, the site has to pay for itself somehow as you suggest.

When set to hidden it still gets sent down to the tablet, gobbling up our data plans, then gets hidden. So you save nothing in speed or bandwidth by turning it off.

Still a full page of garbage. Put it on the side of the page. Our computer screens are wider than your website so fill up that space instead of craming it all on bottom.