Recursion glyphs in Ingress

Google's location-based game, Ingress, kicked off another global event recently dubbed #Recursion, and as a part of it, the're introducing some new gameplay mechanics. The first is ancient artifacts. Enlightened and Resistance agents have limited windows in which to claim, move, and deliver these items between portals in a #Recursion city. Sounds like a massive co-operative globe-spanning relay. Neat.

The other addition is Shaper Glyph puzzles. Now when you long-press the hack button on a portal, you can get the chance to decode a glyph through a puzzle mini-game. If you do it, your portal-hacking ability is improved for a short time. Glyphs have been buried in the game lore for some time already, with players already deciphering the meaning out of many. If you'd like to practice the glyph mini-game, there's an app in the Play Store where you can start training.

As for #Recursion, it's spanning 28 cities over the next 9 weeks. You can see more info on the event at the video below or get downloading Ingress at the Play link above. Anybody playing in the #Recursion cities? Anyone attend the first events over the weekend? Eager to get going on those ancient artifacts? Anyone have a good time with the last event, #13Magnus?


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Ingress introduces ancient artifacts and glyph puzzles for #Recursion event


This game is electronic crack, I'm glad I kicked the habit a while back!

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Me too.
When I spent an entire weekend creating fields, and then found myself unable to explain to my wife why I kept driving off for hours, I killed off the game.

You're doing it wrong, I got the fiancé into it and now we drive around together looking for portals.

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My wife would be "Seriously. For a video game."
"But hun.... it's not a video game it's... it's... on my phone?"

Not even pity. A look of contempt and disgust.

May have to clear a weekend to try this, just so I can say I did

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The trick is to wait until the a bunch of portals go neutral - this seems to happen every couple of weeks - then run around recapturing them. The risk is someone else thinks of the same idea, but that hasn't happened yet here.

The number of points for capturing a neutral portal is massively greater than that for recharging an existing one.

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Meanwhile their net is up and down all day long.
I seriously don't understand why they put the effort into this game, how do they monetize it?

You're collecting data for Google - not just location data for the 'portals' but movement data to improve the traffic/routing data in maps.

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13 Magnus SF was really fun, even though I was still a low level at the time. We delivered a crushing defeat to the Resistance! Can't wait for Recursion in Oakland

Hey all, developer of Glypher here. Unfortunately the app's currently broken (just as this story hits!). It's completely my fault; my testers caught it just after I hit "Publish" too enthusiastically.

A fixed version (1.03) is rolling out soon with more glyphs, and it should be available through Play in the next couple of hours.

His App, Glypher, let's you practice Glyphs both as singles or in experimental sequence mode. The app was featured in this Article.. you did read the article right?

Also, love the app, cheers!

I will be playing in Boulder, CO for Recursion. looking forward to it, have been aggressively farming in preparation. will have 600 L8 bursters well in advance of go time

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If you're going to give Ingress a try I encourage you to do a little research and try to find out what the dominant team in your area is and then choose the opposite. I got lucky and randomly chose the underdog team in my area. If I would have been on the opposite team I would have gotten bored with nothing to do and quit long ago.

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