Incipio Watson Folio Wallet Case for the Moto X

Keep everything important in one place with this great Moto X case

I love my Moto X. I'm not shy about saying it — I think it's the best phone made, even in mid-2014. Now I've found a case I love to use with it in the Incipio Watson Folio Wallet Case. It's a two-part design, consisting of an Incipio Feather case that snaps on your Moto X, and a vegan leather covered outer shell that covers the screen and has slots for your ID, bank cards or emergency cash.

Incipio Watson Folio Wallet Case for the Moto X

When you're at home, you can snap off the outer cover and you have a fairly light and slim case that keeps the back from getting dirty or scarred up. It's slim enough to slip right in or out of your pocket, and I've found it's perfect for keeping the white back on my Moto X white. When you head out, simply snap the folio outer cover on and you've got 100-percent screen coverage and a great way to keep track of up to three cards and some cash. If you hate carrying a wallet like I do, this is perfect. Everything I think is important is in one place, and my phone isn't going to get scratched up from my car keys.

It's not really perfect. The power and volume buttons are harder to press while the case is on as things are a very close fit there. It's also a little tricky to pop the outer cover on and off at first, as the phone wants to slip out of the inner Feather case when you push on the corners. Once you get used to it, though, it's not a problem. And like most Folio-style cases, with the front cover folded back the phone doesn't sit flat. That seems to bug a lot of people (like Phil) so I need to mention it.

Incipio Watson Folio Wallet Case for the Moto X

I haven't left the house without my Moto X since the day I got it. I can say the same thing about the Incipio Watson Folio Wallet Case. I've found it holds up well, and while banging around in the center console tray or flopping out of my pocket onto the parking lot has left a few bruises on the case, my Moto X still looks like it did the day I bought it.

If you like folio cases and use a Moto X, buy this thing. You can get it in black, white, brown or purple from ShopAndroid for $37.95


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Incipio Watson Folio Wallet Case for the Moto X


Wish I could find a mint one. Looked at Swappa and most have some sort of scratches.
Posted via Android Central App

I'm about list a mint teak finish moto x with white face tonight hopefully. It's a sim-unlocked XT1058 America Movil variant but works on AT&T LTE and T-Mobile LTE if you're in a refarmed area. I bought it for $300 brand new last month and also will be including a brown leather dodocase that was originally $60. Give me your best offer and I'll sell it directly to you. I'm only selling because I just got a OnePlus One and White G3. It's 100% mint and has the retail box and all accessories.

Posted via my newly scored OnePlus One

My wife's only complaint about this case on her MotoX is that the credit card slots are too tight to stuff more than a couple credit cards in it. The feather case on its own is a little slippery for my liking, but she rarely takes it out of the flip case. Overall it's been great for her to avoid dings and scratches tumbling around in her bag.

The best folio style case I ever had was the Hex Wallet for the iPhone 4s. I switched to the Moto X 6 months ago and immediately got the Watson case. This combo has replaced the Hex/iPhone 4s as my best ever.

Someone should really make a phone built with folio style cases to begin with, Samsung has flirted with the idea and their folio battery covers etc but that's not enough. How come no one's ever put in a magnet so the cover stays shut AND stays in place flipped back? How about incorporating some more functionality info the folio cover? (battery etc)

I really don't understand these cases. Sure, it's nice to have everything in one place - but it gets stolen and you lose everything!

I had this case on my note and I loved it for the same reasons you mentioned. However after about a month it scuffed the screen. It didn't scratch the glass but it "smeared" the coating on the glass. I don't think the case itself was responsible but the three cards I had in there were rubbing on the glass.