Incipio Dual USB Desktop Charging Station

You didn't know you needed one of these, but you do

If you're like me, your desk is a mess of cords and cables and chargers and tiny evil gnomes to keep it all sufficiently tangled. Slide some of that junk off to the side, and make room for the Incipio Dual USB Desktop Charging Station, because it's the best little accessory you didn't know you needed.


It's simple. You have a little box — it's not a triangle, it's not a trapezoid — that you plug into the wall. That little box has two high-powered USB ports on the front. You put the charging cable that came with your phone, or tablet, or any other device that charges from a USB connection and it charges — fast.

You've got two ports that will put out 2.4 amps, which is enough to charge even the most power-thirsty tablet, or even something like the big-ass battery for my vaporizer. And because you've moved the USB ports away from the 110 volt input, you can use short cables for charging — which I'm ordering right after I finish this post. To top it all off, the bottom of the little charging station has that grippy stuff so it won't slide around on your desk. I love this little thing.

magic grippy goop

My desk is still a mess of wires and assorted things like remote controls and random phones, but I now have an easy way to charge stuff quickly. You can get an Incipio Dual USB Charging Station of your own from ShopAndroid.


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Incipio Dual USB Desktop Charging Station


I plug my tablet and phone into my monitor...

It is a nice device but the last thing I need is something else on my desk lol

Yeah I have a few too for my PC but hate using them my phone is right next to the monitor so I accomplish about the same as you want. I am sure that the USB output is lower on the monitor than this, but usually I am just using this so it stays full when idle...

Typically, though some laptops and even desktop hubs have high power ports that go higher (past the half amp dictated by the USB 2.0 spec), and USB 3.0 ports can go higher too and they're pretty common now (but I think they default to 0.5A when you plug in a 2.0 wired cable).

Qi or bust for me, Nokia's Qi stand works great on my desk.

Love mine but ironically it will not charge my Anker rechargeable battery packs. They act as if they are charging and get warm while doing so but take FOREVER to build up charge. Switching to a different 2 amp charger (like the one that came with my Samsung tablet) charges them up rapidly though. Go figure.

Can't beat the Anker desktop charger for everything else though, works great for all of my phones and tablets.

Funny, as I just charged no less than 3 anker battery packs off of that charger at the same time yesterday. I'd contact anker for a replacement.

I agree with Wunderbar - ask for a replacement. In a pinch I've used a my computer's USB port to charge my Anker battery pack, and while not optimal, it works. Their customer service is top notch too.

I have two of these Anker products, one for home, one for work and agree, it's superior in options and price to the Incipio.

Jerry, you mentioned short cables. What are some good reliable short cables to go with this charger?

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